Smells that bring back memories...

| Since some years ago, sometimes a peculiar sweet smell comes to my nose, I don't know where does it come from but I have smelled it in a lot of different days locations and it's the same smell.

When I get to smell it, it automatically brings a memory to my mind. I swear that the smell just comes out of nowy and brings back a nostalgic or a kind of traumatic memory.

I wanted to share this and check if someone else has experienced something similar or knows something about this.

| The smell comes to your nose huh

| I've definitely felt this. They say that smell is the most deeply integrated sense into the basic emotional parts of the brain, since it's the oldest sense, but i don't know if it's true. In any case there are certain smells that definitely trigger particular memories for me - most interestingly a specific combination of plants, rain and plastic is really strongly connected to going hiking as a child. Most other stuff is more generic or less distinct

| Yeah, I feel that. There's a certain type of cigarettes that can sometimes bring back som bad memories for me.
There's also a smell that comes from some spices that were on the homemade bread I ate for my school lunch every day, and the smell brings me back to some extremely rough times that weren't even that long ago.
Then there's a certain smell that just kinda appears sometimes during summer, which makes me start disassociating.

Smell is a very strong sense, so, it remembers.

| moth balls? it reminds me of grandma's

| there is a specific bath n body wash that reminds me of Las Vegas.

| The smell of raspberries reminds me of my childhood and kinda makes me sad.

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