Has anyone here ever been banned from danger/u/?

| If so,tell me why you got banned and how long it took for you to access danger/u/ again

| OP is definitely planning to post some fruity shit

| >>705775
Yep, I suspected the same.

| I'm banned until 2030 for posting Sayuri-related stuff

| My vpn was banned NO PREF PLEASE NOT AGAIN

| Got banned for mimicking a spam post in /a/ before. Title was something about waifus, don't remember. Mods thought it was actual spam, deleted it and banned me which also removed all the open threads I started.

Was unbanned when I talked to the mods in the Discord

| I was banned, then I cleared things up with mods over Discord, then got unbanned.

| >>705791 Tbf I probably would've done the same thing lol. The spam in /a/ and /d/ is annoying :p

| I thought it wouldve been impossible to be banned here since we dont really have a permanent acct. If i reset my IP, how will they know?

| >>706191 They won't. That's why I'm still here even though they banned hundreds of my IPs.

| >>706214 Damn you must be the Russian spammer

| >>706225 Yes

| >>706227
Guess that makes one IP less :3

| >>706251 I don't think they'll ban me unless I mention Reol/Sayuri/etc...

| >>706261 Why the hell would they ever ban you for that?

| >>706265 I spammed with Reol/Sayuri songs. Now all my threads about Reol or Sayuri get deleted. I'm not sure if replies in existing threads will be deleted though.

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