How is your day?

| How are y'all doing? I hope you are all feeling nice no matter what. Always stay strong and don't be afraid to ask for help!

| Day went well thanks. :) How was your day OP?

| The work night is rough. New job soon, so I can't be bothered by this.

| I've taken kind of a hard beating not so long ago (mental beating, but I did hurt myself physically in the process).

Things are starting to look a little bit brighter though, and I'm recovering well.
I hope that it was the last time I find myself in that place.

| My day's going well; just one lesson remaining before I get to go home.
Though I didn't sleep too well: made the mistake of drinking coffee right before going to bed.

| I'm currently well. A friend and I talked about playing a game together later so I'm looking forward to that!

| >>705415
Sounds great! What game?

| Day has been weird so far, but it's gonna be alright. Just takes time.

| >>705415
Sad update. It didn't happen because she had to sleep early. Now I'm a sad burg. :"(

| good morning.

woke up a few minutes ago and signed into work.

| Ass. Troubles in family, troubles at work, self-confidence reaches an all time low. At least I have Genshin Impact to help me escape all this shit, but I feel like I really should stop wasting time on it and actually play something more "meaningful."

| Currently sitting in computer class; not a whole lot happening. Our teacher is rather enjoyable, though the subject he's working on is a tad too lame, in my current position.

| Enjoying a slow rainy day at work.

| I have 4 shifts ahead instead of 2.
At least, I've had my morning coffee.

| same same

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