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what do?

| what do you do if friends dislike each other? how do you manage to avoid contact between these to avoid conflicts but stay friends with everyone? is that even possible?

| Don't interact with all of them at the same time? You know, just so they won't have to see each other because of you. I really don't know what to do here besides that. You could try initiating a Big Talk with 'em in order to understand what makes them hate each other and if it really can be helped, but I don't think it'll help greatly

| Big Talkā„¢ technically can help if there was some accident that made them hate each other. But if they just dislike each others personalities or habits, etc., nothing's gonna change that.

So not interacting with them at the same time and not mentioning your interaction with one party while hanging out with another is the best way to handle it imo. Sadly, you can't pull it off if all those people frequently meet in the same room. Like if they were your classmates or something.

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This thread is permanently archived