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Pros of being a sheltered kid

| Pros:

- I have 0 fucking idea how to talk to people or how shit even works IRL. All I know is I'm sick of this uni that I didn't even pick as my parents choose the closest one so that I don't leave the house and if I get my diploma I'll still be too dumb for life. Really thinking of dropping out and seeing what's life like outside this house, fuck whatever happens to me happens I don't care.
- Never smoked weed

| Same

| Same

| Same

| Pros: i can tell my friends that my parents didn't want me to go when i never wanted to hang out with them in the first place.

| >>700714 as OP I agree

| >>700715 from one sheltered kid to another. Cheers

| >>700714

| The benefit is I can focus on the few things that I actually care about, without being bogged down by external crap.

| >>700821 YMMW on this one, it depends on if your parents would approve of what you care about and the level of privacy you have.

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This thread is permanently archived