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My mom e-mailed me and

| like

she was always kind of out there (believes in Astrology, is a new age Buddhist) but like...she's a full on anti-masker, 5g conspiracist now with a lot of it sounding like entry shit into Q and all that. Our relationship is checkered bc i was the baby and the problem child and ended up in childcare at 15. Been looking out for myself for over a decade. I kinda wanna bridge this gap and stem this utter nonsense but part of me can't forgive her for my childhood.

Sorry. Venting.

| You don't have to forgive her if you don't feel like it, it's not something bad at all. It is to be expected, actually. Justified even

| You don't have to.
"family" is just a word no special meaning to it.

| >>700622
Sorry you feel that way. For most of us family has great meaning.

| >>700602 if she believes in conspiracies then she should definitely ditch Google, Windows, Facebook and whatever else botnet has got to offer.

Make her an open source maniac so we can have a mom on /tech/!

| >>700726 /tech/ needs more MILFs!

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This thread is permanently archived