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Could you please say something good to me

| It's ok if you can't don't worry. I just feel that i don't deserve any good or even just ok in my life

| Homie, I know the feeling all too well. I feel like I don't deserve anything good, I feel like I'm worth nothing, feel like I'm a bother. I struggle with it a lot.

The truth is though, that you do. Seriously. You're not lesser or worse than others. It might feel like it, but that's bullshit. Depression, anxiety and insecurities lie to you. Tells you shit that just ain't the case.

You deserve everything good in your life and more, honestly. You deserve way more.

| >>700542 Thanks I feel a little better now. But why people close to me treat me so bad? I've never tried to do any harm to them and always tried to do my best so they can be more happy. I just think that if after all I've done to them they still don't care about my feelings in a slightest then I don't deserve any happiness and thus should just try to make life of my friends and SO better. I think that's the right thing to do but it's still hard for me because of my selfishness.

| >>700544
Some people are just dipshits, some people are struggling with something you don't know of that causes them to lash out on others or/and act like dipshits. There could be many reasons why they're treating you bad op. People like this won't start treating you better no matter how much you'll do for them, so the best course of action is to bounce from 'em, completely cut them out of your life. If, of course, it's not someone you can't get away from, someone like parents.

| You gotta take care of yourself, op. Please think carefully if interacting with these people you're talking about is really worth it. You can't really call these people 'friends' if they don't care about you and your well-being in the slightest. You deserve better than that

| Get the game called kind words on steam

| You're going to be ok op. I believe in u. :(

| Ö

| Something good to me.

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This thread is permanently archived