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| Don't feel like playing games. Don't feel like reading or painting minis, and I don't have any hobbies beside these three. Kinda feel like talking to someone, but I'm just a boring creep with no friends, so this option is out of the way as well.

So. What should I do? Help me out g/u/rls

| Sleep.

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I've had a good 8-hours sleep today, there's no way in hell I'll be able to put myself to sleep anytime soon ;-; And it's too bright outside anyway. Can't possibly sleep like that

| You could try any of the following:
1. Finger knitting
2. Going for a walk around, look at the plants, or try to notice stuff you normally wouldn't.
3. Bob Ross painting tutorial. You could even try doing it miniature scale.
4. Go to a manga website, pick a random manga and read it, come back and tell us about it.

If you can't choose one of these you could set a random number generator, and do which ever number it gives you.

Or we could chat, what kind of games do you like?

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Play yakuza. I'm sick of vidya but yakuza is too fun

| What kind of minis do you paint?

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It's mostly just Warhammer minis, but I also really like sculpts from 'Rising Sun'. Can't say if the game itself is good or not, never really cared to play it, but the miniatures are truly wonderful!

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Oh, that's some good recommendations! Thanks for the help g/u/rl! Never really heard of finger knitting, but that sounds fun, I could probably give it a try. Painting with Bob Ross would probably be really entertaining too, but I don't have pretty much anything for such, uh.. painting activities. What a bummer

| Whenever I don't know what to do, I open up Bourbaki.

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This thread is permanently archived