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I don't feel quite like myself anymore

| It feels like I somehow distancing from myself more and more with every day. Even the way I think doesn't seem to be the same. I dunno, feels weird. Can't say if it's bad or not just yet. It's just.. really strange to think about.

Wonder what comes next, huh

| Something stirs inside my chest when I think about the matter. I guess this thought must unnerve me to a certain extent then? Yet I cannot bring myself to fully care really

This is getting annoying. I don't care if I'll change in any way, but this weird feeling of unfamiliarity with myself is starting to get on my nerves. Ugh.

| >Even the way I think doesn't seem to be the same.
People change, constantly. You're never really going to stay exactly the same. So that's par for the course, nothing to worry about.

| Are you in the middle of puberty by any chance?

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Maybe you're right, we'll have to see about that. It simply feels a bit too sudden and abrupt. It's perfectly fine when one's character and way of thinking change throughout his entire life, being influenced by different kind of events and all that, but this just doesn't feel the same.

Well, there's nothing I can do about it anyway. Guess I have to simply wait and see how the situation evolves

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Nah, I'm 26

| >>700471 maybe your puberty is just very drawn out

| Ah, I think I know a better way to describe this little feeling of mine.

My body is right here. I can feel how warm I am, I can feel my skin, the muscles underneath it, the steady rythm of my heart beating. But I'm not here myself. I see, I hear, I touch, but it doesn't really connect with anything inside. Like I'm some sort of a fish in the aquarium, unable to interecat with anything out of it

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i'm sorry you can't intercat with your organs gurl

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