Are you a dog person or a cat person?

| No 'both' varients allowed, you gotta pick one side!

| Cat

| Cat!

| I am obsessed with cats ????

| That was a heart rip

| Cat.

| BS! You can't tell me what to do! BoTh!!!

| CAT! Stupid dogs

| Well, shit. I guess I'm more of a cat person. I feel like I can relate to cats a lot more. And they usually match my levels of energy by sleeping most of the day.

| Cat

| Well g/u/rls, I definately wasn't expecting THIS number of cats here. Looks like we're winning this war! I'm proud of you!

| Cats because they are lazy like me

| Usually my answer is cat, but having had an amazing dog for over a year now I have to choose dog :)

| Husky

| Fluffy dogs. But my answer would be different if we talked about dog girls vs cat girls.

| I love dogs more but never had one...

| cats. dogs have too much energy for me, even the calmer ones.

| Meow?

| Cats. Dogs are too upfront.

| i'm not a furfag

| >>697637
Let me guess, you're one of those "ethnonatialists" from /new/, amirite?

| Car

| >>697642 vroom

| Cat

| dog..

| I'm human, like normal

| dogs, i love my pup

| DOG!!!

| I'm not a furry...

| Mogu mogu
mogu mogu

| both :>

| I like ar15

| Dog

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