What is the purpose of your life?

| Why did you not commit sayori today?

| Too much effort

| There is none. I don't see it as a bad thing though, it's nothing more than a fact to me. I mean, you don't feel particularly bad over the fact that the sky is blue, right? Same with life. It's meaningless however you look at it, and we all live only so that we can die. There's nothing more to the process.

| I haven't kermited sudoku only because there're still many thing that interest me around. And I don't wanna make my parents suffer through my death. I have caused them enough trouble already. Once my parents are dead and there's nothing interesting enough to lighten up my days, I guess I'll start looking for a roof or something. So, that's the purpose of life for me. It won't matter in the end, yes, but nothing will. It's just something that keeps me, *cough-cough*, grounded

| shut the fuck up weebo

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