My dog is sleeping on my bed rn

| And while that's cute and all, she takes most of the space here! There's just no room for me now! I don't have the guts to make her go away, she snores so sweetly, she probably feels very comfortable too, I'm not that cruel to ruin her little dreams.. ..but I want to sleep as well ;-;

Guess I'm sleeping bend in half today. My legs and neck hurt already, but oh well, that's worth it. At least my baby girl is snoring happily (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

| Well if you adapt and worsen your life for a pet you should worry and realize about how big of a problem is that

| If you're a nice person and care more about your pet than yourself then I have a lot of respect for you and you should be proud of yourself :)

| Which breed have you got?

| Got almost same situation, except I regualrey volunteering my bed to my cat. I'm fine with that tho.

| Cute

| >>697406
English cocker spaniel

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