Job interview soon.

| After months of searching, I finally got a job interview at a local restaurant this Wednesday, hopefully for a food server position. Do you have any advice for a newbie getting her first job? I'll update how the interview goes and if I get the job or not!

| Good luck! I don't have any helpful information to share, but I hope everything will be successful for you!

| Smile, be polite and have patience. Sounds stupid and basic but this is where it begins and often fails.
Don't smile all the time though, this looks forced.

| Good luck!
Always remember to say sir or ma'am, tell the interviewer your hours are flexible and do your research before the interview

| gl hf OP. Let us know how you did.

| I wish you good fortune g/u/rl

| I wish you the best of luck OP. May the interviewer smile upon you, and may you smile back :)

| >>697183 what if the interviewer is not binary tho

| >>697388
That won't be a concern for another 10 years.

| >>697451
Yeah. People who are non-binary aren't allowed to be interviewers because they're neith sir nor ma'am. Only sirs and ma'ams can be interviewers.

| >>697457
well, yes, seen as there are only sirs and ma'ams in the human race.

| Doctors, non english speakers, comrades, and people with titles are mutants

| OP here! The interviewer WAS NOT binary; they were made of flesh and not 1's and 0's. Anyways- I arrived early amd it was very quick. Less stressful than my interview with McDonalds.

| It was really...laid back. Very casual. Instead of stuff like "where do you see yourself in 5 years" or "why should we hire you" it was more of "we can train you if you get the job; heres some advice". Here's to being hopeful :>

| >>697531

| >>697531
Ay! Sounds like a chill place. I hope you get the job.

| Last update I guess!! I got the job and I might be starting this weekend! Quite nervous but I'll eventually get a hold of the ropes? :D

| >>697786


| >>332629
Hooray! Nicely done g/u/rl, congrats!

| >>697786
Ay! Let's go! Good luck OP!

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