how do people actually live in california holy shit


| They don't. It's a government conspiracy


| California doesn't exist.

| Well, there used to be rain and snow

| I just cough my lungs out then die.

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Honestly learning how badly the Hoover Dam fucked up the entire western seaboard is....whoof.

| Bold of you to assume we're living.

| Ask myself this often. Such a shit place and yet people still try and live there

| but Florida e x i s t s

| Florida is crazy, but that's because it's a hurricane-blasted swamp.
California could be amazing, but the people are the worst. And that's why California is shit.

| California have to import water wtf

| aaaand still a blue state

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Red states are poor as fuck. They couldn't manage a place like California.

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those "poor" red states (such as Texas of course) practically feed all of california

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also are you saying that the political leadership in california (consistently dems) have nothing to do with the current conditions in the state? i'm thinking one causes the other

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Nope, I never said that. That's all fabricated in your head.

??? California buys some of their groceries from Texas? What's your point?

Texas is rich because of oil but the national average on GDP growth, In per-capita income growth and In employment growth the red states are falling behind heavily.

| Also in case you weren't aware California’s recent economic growth is much better than Texas(despite their oil fields).

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Cell you're the one who implied Texas was poor. Imo a lot of current shit Californians are getting has a political root to it. Except maybe wildfires. And Zac Efron.

| Umm sure the droughts and fires are terrible, but when its not busy being on fire California is the #1 Agriculture producer in the US. They import a lot of the water for their crops from Washington and Oregon, but they sure as hell ain't importing much food.

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ok then, e can talk about counties then. i was pointing out that most people that live in cities are dems, but most people that actually do the production labour in agricultural zones are reps.
also, have you heard of the crazy taxes in the state?

| Alabamna

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Is stuck.

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