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How did you do at school?

| I think if I wasn't so socially unskilled I would be with friends now. There were times when I had every opportunity to get close to people, but I either blew it up or just didn't take the chance. I wish I went with the kids who invited me to hang out. I wish I chatted more often with my classmates online. Those things

| I get knowledge, everything else not important.

| I do what I absolutely must to get through, other than that I just fuck with people, maybe play some games with a homie and that's about it. Well, aside from all the mental health shit that's about it.

| I was in honors because i memorized everything by the book. I did it word for word and flushed it out the moment exams are over. In the end i realized i didn't really learn anything. I was just pressured to do well by any means necessary by my parents ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

| I did well in academics, though I didn't really exert a lot of effort in studying. Listening to discussions and reading frequently helped me survive school.
As for my social life in school, it's pretty decent. I had friends and went out with them sometimes.
At some point my mental health deteriorated but I was able to recover, and it wasn't that serious.
School can be fun when you've made friends with the right people.

| - was always alone
- often did bad in school
- was weird
- family trouble
- started hanging out with depression
- looking out the window, feeling blue, and daydreaming about another world in which i was happy
- mostly empty life except some trauma
- so much loneliness and boring classes
- no idea about the future, just going through the days
- used to draw during class, in hallways, was cool
- nice having something to wake up for, having a set schedule, and feeling like i belonged

| High school was great because after an entire lifetime of crippling social anxiety I was finally learning how to be a human being who actually have friends!

Unfortunately 3 years is not enough to learn how to be a proper human being. Without friends, set schedule, and the space to learn and mess up, I revert to become a friendless anxious garbage being after graduation.

God I miss school.

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This thread is permanently archived