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It's so damn hot in here

| I think I'm going to die because of this damn heat
Hate summer, hate this hot weather

h e l p

( ; ω ; )

| >>691992 Same. Don't worry, winter is close.

| Living closeish to the Arctic circle is hell during winter since you only get a couple of hours of sunshine every day.

So even though I'm suffering from this heat I won't complain! Summer is still the best!

| >>692037 Not for everyone. I lived Norilsk and i liked weather there. For some people it's better dark and cols cities. Link to the google map https://www.google.com/maps/place/Норильск,+Красноярский+край,+Россия/@69.4283349,70.1698011,4z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x44ac5c403d18ab93:0x4024234d8fd6e107!8m2!3d69.35579!4d88.1892938?hl=ru-KG

| >>692041
Wow, that's really far north. That's way above the Arctic circle too! I live a quite a bit south of it and I think it's rough as hell during winter.

How are the summers in Norilsk? (Sorry OP for going off topic but I find this interesting)

| Last time i was there, summer temperature was -8 to +10 in Celsius. Most of summer is not so worm as in other cities.

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This thread is permanently archived