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Question to Administration of /u/

| Why some treads become close? They did't reach a limit.

| /close

| You might be saying "if stuff can get banned it isn't true anarchy". But it's actually a common rule that if you make lag machines your stuff will get removed to keep the server running properly. That's why some threads are closed, it because those threads lag everyone's brain and decreases productivity on the oldest anarchy server in m

| >>691999 Reverse demon, i just want to know the reason.

| >>691991
Possible explanations
1.No attention for extended period of time.
2.Post limit reached
3.Double post/bot spam
4.Prefetcher-chan does not like you

| >>692015
5.Prefetcher got bullied in to closing the threads by overly sensetive groups with lack of self control, who can't ignore topics and move on.

| I determined some threads to be garbage, or to have become garbage, so I closed them.

No other reason honestly.

| >>692033 Okay, now i saw first rule in work.

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This thread is permanently archived