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/u/ is still cool

| like lmao imagine being a hater who downloads an app to a niche forum just to baitpost, wild

anyways i finally got cinnamon toast crunch in my grocery delivery so i'm p happy <3

| Nice try baitposter. Now hand over the cinnamon.

| Cinnamon is hideous

| Bait posting is life, baitposting is love

| stop baiting and hand over the cinnamon!!

| Now I got a craving for cinnamon french toast

| Instead of baitposting, start cockposting on /d/!

| Opinions aren't that dangerous on this site

| >>692142
You aren't that dangerous.

| gimme the toast and the crounch, you can keep the wretched cinnamon

| >>691875
But can you see why kids love it?

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This thread is permanently archived