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Fictional imageboard full of girls will obviously attract "wannabe" ones

| It explains why there are so many trans people here.

| lame bait m8

| "I become trans because I joined this anon text board" might as well change your gender based on memes.

| this is like the most obvious transphobic bait ever

| >>691860 how is it phobic? I'k not afraid of trans people. It's ironic. They're full of phobias regarding other people opinions.

You missunderstand. I'm saying that board attracts trans people. It's enviornment set up at it's core to make it "feel" like it's girls. Even if it's pretend.

Not b8. Just sharing my opinion. You're free to ignore and move on.

| >>691854 I second that, this thread is too lame

| >>691865
I'm going to answer in good faith, so I'll assume this isn't a bait.

It's transphobic (which by the way can mean hatred for trans people, not necessarily fear) because you imply that trans people are only "wannabe".

And if you're transphobic, you don't really care what trans people actually feel. Therefore, any opinion you have about what trans people feel is irrelevant.

Therefore, this thread is irrelevant.

| trannies go away

| >>691893 I don't feel hatred for them.

What I feel is irrelevant indeed, I'm just pointing out why this board seems to be attracting people of this kind, since people complain about sad/suicide/feel threads and posts.

The "wannabe" aspect comes from the less-passable side of community that I noticed. They're just putting themselves in to more depression and pretending like it's real is only causing more harm to themselves.

| >>691905 don't even bother op once you've been labeled transphobic anything you say even if it makes sense or you explain why something was not intended as what some people assume it is it all falls on deaf ears and they will absolutely reply every time to make something into one big thing

| >>691905 >>691954

Shut up
"Ackchyually i wasnt being transphobic just calling "less passable" trans women "wannabes""

"Omg ur so right and eeveryobeis being meen2 u"

the backpedaling lmao
look go back to /pol/ or wherever and get your stories straight bbys <3

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This thread is permanently archived