How do I roleplay better?

| I always have an issue of my character not really being involved in anything other than the main quest, like I can tie my motivation to dealing with BBEG, but as soon as there's any downtime or something like that I have no idea what to do. So my characters end up pretty bland without much motivation in life outside of plot.

| All characters must have a "want" that drives them to get up everyday. What else do they want in life besides completing the main quest?

| start erotic roleplay

| Don't be afraid to exaggerate your character's personality. Play to their quirks. If your character don't have quirks, well, give them some.

During downtime it's also good to consider how they feel about other characters. Like, do they act the same when they're not trying to save each other's ass?


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| First you need to have a proper backstory and personality for your character so that you have something to base your actions on.

If for example your character grew up in a clan, you'd want to give that clan some values that all of them follow. So if your character ends up in a situation you can either base your actions or what you say on the clans values or on the opposite if your character left the clan because of the values.

Then, just don't be shy. Don't be afraid to roleplay.

| Seconding coming up with interactions with the other characters, that's an easy way to get involved which will always be relevant. Some of the options I enjoy:
* Servile underling, acting as a lackey to another but not necessarily following all their orders as they'd like
* Competitive rival, constantly trying to show superiority by taking risks or trying to repeat their opponent's feats. This is a good way to make another character look good if you play to their strengths

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| OP here. Well, this... turned out to be an interesting thread.

That's the hard part. Coming up with a persistent "want" that goes in line with the main quest but is not limited to it is rather hard most of the time.

I usually either go *too* overboard with the quirk, or not nearly enough. I guess it's all about finding that balance, huh... And my characters usually end up barely even existing outside of saving other characters' asses (or getting own ass saved).

| >>685452
I'm trying to come up with some values and a general code of conduct for my lawful neutral dragonborn (the D&D variety, not the TES one) who was exiled from the clan but still adheres to clan's laws, but it's coming out rather stale and generally feels forced out of nowhere.

>just don't be shy
Yup, there it is. My biggest stumbling block and my eternal scourge, right next to overthinking everything. Anyway...

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Pretty interesting options there, but I'm not sure how to make it work in a group...

| >>685610
Heard of communication homie? It's not uncommon for players to have their characters know eachother already and have relations to eachother that are planned and not purely spur of the moment.

| >>685612
Communication? Never heard of it, what's that? Anyway, I guess what I meant is, it's rather hard (if at all possible) to come up with meaningful relationships between all the characters in the group. And if it's just between my character and some other player's character, it'd feel like I'm singling that one player out.

| >>685613
Yeah, I know you're good at overthinking things. Is it really that difficult for you to try though? To just talk to someone in your group? Give it a shot, you know? Because I've seen people do that and it going really well and making the character interactions more interesting.

Having interesting and fun group dynamics makes the game a lot more fun for everyone, at least from my experience. It's not singling someone out. It's making the roleplaying interesting.

| >>685614
I know this comes off as "uhhh muh overthinking," but these are all genuine concerns. But yes, I agree that it opens up some interesting roleplaying opportunities and I might try it when I get the chance. Unfortunately, right now it won't work as well (I'm bringing in a new character into an ongoing game with a pre-existing group) so I'll have to resort to something else for the time being.

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