How do I know if I am a transgender?

| I want to be a girl. Cute clothes, cute things, social role, sex with men (only if I am in a body of a woman) and some other stuff. I know there's many downsides in being a woman but I can't stop being envious of them. And because of that I can't say why exactly I want to be a girl. I'm very envious of girls and I quite often feel sad/depressed and sometimes even cry on that regard... Could it be that I am actually a trans?

| You know a trans is someone who has already undergo the process of changing their gender. You on the other hand is just a boy, yes a bona fide boy, who happens to want to be a girl. Not a trans.

| >>684646 Wanting to do any kind of functions specifically in the body of a different gender certainly sounds like a form of gender dysphoria.

| >>684654
I see, alright. My op was near 500 characters limit so I changed "transgender" to "trans". Then I removed sentence and forgot to changed "trans" back to "transgender".
Damn. "Gender dysphoria" sounds scary. Thank you, I'll read something on that matter

| >>b98dd6 trans here

you don't need dysphoria to be trans

you don't need to transition to be trans

you don't need to hate your body to be trans

you don't need to be anything really to be trans aside from wanting to be the opposite gender

you're trans. there's a term for people who are trans but don't realize it, and that's an egg, and you fit that if you don't think you're trans but already feeling these emotions you've described

| keep in mind there are also nonbinary people who are part of the trans community, which is just wanting to be both genders, so you may match that more, but you're more than likely trans with this stuff.

i'd really recommend you ask other trans communities over this place (which isn't exactly an lgbt-centric place, it has had its fair share of transphobia and homophobia) because you'll get a lot more questions answered and probably better than i can.

| there is a chance you may not be trans ofc, but if i were to give an opinion based off your post, it would really be that you're trans.

if you really want to test, go order some feminine clothing off amazon, some wigs and makeup, and try dressing up. read a trans webcomic like "i want to be an anime girl" or browse r/transgendercirclejerk for some self-deprecating trans people making fun of terfs. basically, read, research, and see how you feel after everything.

| this is getting to be a long reply but honestly it took me over a year of browsing some trans subreddits for fun and then realizing in january how much i really related to trans folks and how much i wanted to be a girl for it to hit me that i'm trans. took even up until early june and july to experiment and to fully accept after months of depression and denial that i am trans, and it's so much better now after accepting it.

| anyways this is getting way too long, good luck and i hope everything goes well for you because god did it fucking suck when i went through it and i wish i researched this shit sooner. i hope some of this helps, because the sooner you know the better, and even if it turns out you aren't trans, you'll at least better understand trans people!

tldr: probably, but experiment, ask other trans people, because the sooner you find out, the happier you'll be about your gender identity. gl!

| being a tranny is a mental illness. these are persons that stubbornly believe in a lie they told themselves. it itself it is a gen Z fad that has also caused immense amounts of harm. take a look at r/detrans. i fucking hate how this tranny stuff is squeezing its fat nose into every slightly nonconforming person's lives.
always remember that there is no way to change your gender. you will have that gender until death. so you can try to change that or you can work on your self-esteem

| I member when this was called a mental disorder.
Good times.

| most of the tranny community is fuelled by two things:
"you'll feel better on HRT"
"it will fix your life"
"the fact that you feel feminine makes you trans"
"you can change your gender"
and many more...

if you accept your self you wouldn't feel like you need to be anything else.

| it takes courage to accept oneself, and it's an act of easy cowardice to escape into this dangerous BS fairytale.
you talk about how you like feminine things and like men. there's a term for that. gay. it's that easy. you cannot change the body you have now, but you can accept yourself. why would you need to be a woman anyways? just to fit in a category? plus you can't. so here's your trouble.

| for example look at me. i'm a guy. i used to hate my body. now, not so much. i worked on my issues and went on to mostly accept myself.
as a guy, there are feminine things that i like. and i like guys too. and i accept myself.
also it resonates with my spiritual beliefs:
fundamentally you are not human. "human" is the material puppet you control. we are just consciousness, and souls have no gender. but gender is real also as a concept.
so i am a soul with male and female qualities.

| >>5dcc62
Also suicide

| >>684720
a really unfortunate thing as well. many of the people that "transition" regret it and hate themselves even more after they screw up their bodies. i hate trannyism even more for what it inflicts on vulnerable people.

| It definitely sounds like you are.

| how surprising that the next few replies are calling it a mental illness and saying that transitioning has caused regret

do some research and get that transphobic bs out of here, barely any actually detransition and usually ends up being for money-related reasons or social pressure rather than them disliking it.

and the suicide shit is caused primarily by people who came out as trans to friends and family and then were shunned because they were trans.

| and if it's a mental illness, then they better fucking give me a disability check.

gtfo transphobes, and good luck op

| >>684773
most of that was filled with bullshit...
you're saying they kill themselves because people say mean things to them? i've been told mean things all my life and i'm still here. many people that are bullied don't fucking kill themselves, they deal with it but apparently trannies can't. you're saying that people saying words is more traumatic to them than fucking up their bodies.
go ask r/detrans
will you support the banning of tranny enabling crap and go to therapy?

| i do agree with one thing though: do some serious research OP...
i'm p sure you'll end up agreeing with me, but don't take my word for it, get hard into researching it...
and even the, at the end of the day i'm sure you'll realize it's just a waste of time

| does this 403 https://lolcow.farm/manure/src/1466688265796.jpg

| oh by the way i almost forgot: what will you look like at age 40? 50? 60?

i guarantee you will look in the mirror and what you see will fuck you up. trannies age like shit. your natural gender claims its body back, and the result is ugly as sin. any appearance that you MIGHT painstakingly grind after years of HRT and tranny aesthetics to look somewhat passable will just fall apart.

don't do it!

just be a femboy. i love femboys. ah, just be what you want, not a tranny...

| i should add that you can still crossdress, if you want. there's really no problem with that, it doesn't do anything to your body and makes you feel good. there are guys that like that too.
but always keep what i said in mind.
these things are dangerous.
i want what's best for you tbh fam

| Is it really that hard for people to tell what's bait and what isn't? Fucking hell. I feel really bad for OP.

| >>684793
bait was brought over from 4cancer.

| >>684799
Yeah, you were.

| >>684801
not that much, actually. i've probably not posted there more than 10 times.

| >>a00020




| First link is a 2015 survey of nearly 28,000 people conducted by the U.S.-based National Center for Transgender Equality, only 8 percent of respondents reported detransitioning, and 62 percent of those people said they only detransitioned temporarily. The most common reason for detransitioning, according to the survey, was pressure from a parent, while only 0.4 percent of respondents said they detransitioned after realizing transitioning wasn’t right for them.

| Second is a 50 year survey published in 2010 that was of 767 transgender people in Sweden and found that about 2 percent of participants expressed regret after undergoing gender-affirming surgery.

| >>684804
>National Center for Transgender Equality
already sounds biased to me

| Third link is from a 2018 study that found that the numbers are even lower for nonsurgical transition methods, like taking puberty blockers. The survey was of transgender young adults at the largest gender-identity clinic in the Netherlands, 1.9 percent of adolescents who started puberty suppressants did not go on to pursue hormone therapy, typically the next step in the transition process.

| whatever. in the end i leave it up to OP.
OP, you choose between working on your self-esteem and self-acceptance or fucking up your body in a sad attempt to follow a feel-good fairytale. i'm out, fuck this tranny bs

| you're stating that people should go to r/detrans, a subreddit dedicated to detransitioning, to ask about detransitioning. that's going to be biased and based on anonymous internet people who can say whatever they want.

we both agree on the research part, but the detrans part is based on a subreddit that is specific to one group and type of people that may not actually be legitimate trans people because anybody can say whatever they want online.

| op, this place is still shit to try and go to for asking about trans stuff because it's still filled with people who will are transphobic, racist, sexist, and the like. threads get a lot of shit like that here.

research, ask in less shitty places, and don't go to places like r/detrans when you know they're going to (unsurprisingly) tell you you're fucked in the head with no actual reason other than because they say so.

good luck.

| >>684811
basically, OP, the advice given here is "GET INTO OUR ECHO CHAMBER"

| damnit i thought i was done with this shit thread

| you know, OP, instead of getting into this complicated mess, you can always just... not.

| >>684813
Ah, yes. Reading genuine studies and thinking about objective facts is the same as being in an echo chamber.

Believing that being trans is a mental illness because some anon saw another anon say that on Reddit once is the same as being open minded and looking at things from a factual standpoint.

Hypocrisy is a word that people need to learn along with insight.

I have responded to obvious bait.

| >>684817 yeah the science has come to a consensus here

| To be honest I feel like you actually aren't trying to bait, but than you're just unable to view the world objectively and factually because "there's no way you are incorrect about something when you have read at least 5 anonymous posts about it". Not trying to be rude, I'm just saying that you should try to see things from more than one side.

I understand your cynicism for it, but you should start looking at facts instead of being convinced your the only person who can think.

| *you're

| >>fc5fe5 thank you

| G/u/rl here who's not a trans nor hates trans.

Truth is, both sides are extremely biased (as you can clearly see from this thread). It's a sensitive subject that most people have a very one sided opinion about.

And I think they're both right. Transitioning can either ruin or fix your life, depending on who you are. This is a question no one can answer for you (despite some people who'll act like they know what's best for you - don't let anyone manipulate you like that)

| My advice is do your extensive research on both fronts, and take everything at face value. If you feel like this is what you need to be happy, so much so you'll even risk your life for it - then trust your confidence and go for it.

Otherwise, don't fall into it just because it's so popular and everyone is talking about how amazing it is and how much better their lives are thanks to it. I trust you're smart enough to make that difficult decision, g/u/rl. Good luck <3

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