What is your zodiac sign ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎

| i don't know mine

| ♓️

| who actually cares?
this doesn't actually change anything about you, or anyone else, for that matter.

| ♋ Aw yeah born in the best month youknowhatimsayin' ;)

| i'm Sagitaurus or something.. idk how it's looks or if it's have some do with dinos... but... awrr and.. in my language it's mean shooter lol xd

| ♌

| ♑ Capricorn,the worst part is having your B-day close to Christmas and having all your presents lumped together.
Also >>684608 your symbol is ♐

| ♉

| ♎

| Cancer, my so is leo.

| I'm an Apache helicopter

| sorry i don't like homestuck :/

| Ophiucus gang rise up

| >>684672
omg that's my favorite homestuck ship
also i'm a leo too, hi

| >>684693
Wtf is homestuck.

| ♏ ;_;

| My zodiac sign is racist

| ♒

| capricorn
also, i hate being a homestuck because seeng the wrong colours on some signs gives me a headache

| >>684693 ah yes, the sufferer/disciple, the ultimate ship

| >>684780 you mean alien-jesus/furry, right

| ♋

| >>684779 aren't they all the same except leo?

| ♐ but scorpios and pisces are cute too lolol

| >>684852
the whole spectrum from gemini to scorpio is wrong, arguably also sagittarius but at least it's blue
and the snake bearer sign is neither gray nor red of course

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