Modderator appreciation thread day __

| Letes keep loving the mods
Day 53

| Day 58

| Damn, that guy who was pretending.to be real op and started to throw insults in the end of previous thread was awful

| ^

| That guy does not pass the mod appreciation check

| Hopefully this won't happen again and everyone agrees it's day 58

| Day 54

| >>684709 fuck off, it's day 59!!Stop lying!!!!

| >>684714 why are you trying to steal my thread, cant you make another one for yourself? Name it something like "modd apreciation(real)"

| What is this meme

| Day 59

| Please stop lying everyone, it's day 58.

| >>684721 idk, this used to be a wholesome thread that I made, but then they started to ruin the counting and pretend to be me amd it makes me very angry

| Who is the real op here

| >>684751 look at my id and look at ops id

| My id chages almost every day though since i turn off my router

| I'm op of the first thread. Idk why this gurl pretends to be me but tbh I don't care anymore. If you want to think that I'm fake then go on.

| I mean it's an anonymous textboard so who the fuck cares?

| Today is 01/08/20 - Day 58

| >>684759 wtf are you on about? I made it and I kept counting every single day, I was the op but then when I couldnt acess internet fo one day and had to skip a number people started to screw up everything and make up their numbers and saying that they were me, they ruined the thread and instead of making their own, they ruined it

| >>684762 now you are doing it just to tease! Go fuck yourself you shitty troll, it doesnt matter but Im doing this cuz I like and you are ruining it, so stop already

| >>684763 >>684765 Yo, I reread the last thread and your counting is the real deal. These pricks just want some attention and it's sad.
>>684553 This dude is the real op

| >>684768 thank you

| Now lets love the mods,
We love you mods!!!

| >>ead48d shut up, everyone knows you're not real op
You started that fake day countdown in previous thread, and after it reached bump limit you created this one before actual author of previous, original moderator appreciation thread

| >>684807 how am i not the original if im continuing the original count, not the fake one somebody started when I missed one day

| Oh so it's the body swap real op on last one was fake on this one and another way around. Very cool plot!

| >>684887 you have to leave this thread forever. You started all of this and perfectly know you're not welcome here

| Day 60

| Day 54

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