250 reply limit is a myth

| Made by russian who only able to keep thread alive til 250.

| >>683231 We can keep it longer. We just don't want to.

| Nah, seen a couple of those a while back. Not that of a rare occurence

| The old art threads on /d/ hit 250 pretty quick at their peak


| Lets not fall for the oppresions of 250 reply limit

| Btw heres is a bait bomb shell to start the filling: Trump aint that bad and yall midia sheep consuming their overgrown grass thats they call news.

Mwahaha now come people and start filling this chat, and reach the limit!!!

| Congratulations, russian speaking people.
Here is a kaomoji for your efforts :

| Ain't got nothing smart to add. But I will say that Goro Majima is the best male character brought to any form of media ever. That is all.

| >>683478 reigen arataka, kamina and simon from gurren lagann and okabe rintarou want to know your location

| hahahaha i forgot about the burg threads...reaching 1K comments.

| >>683489 and thats where we will reach, ON RANDOM!!! FIGHT ON!

| I love sex.

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| Row row fight the power!

| >>683482
Have any of these characters destroyed an entire yakuza family singlehandedly, solely because the family in question roughed up a girl that the character met like four or five days ago, tops?

If the answer is "no," consider them inferior. The man will always be a paragon of masculinity.

| >>683536 pfff, imagine thinking that is superior than: mentoring a child that could destroy the planet in a fine and guys and inspiring a bunch of entiteled powerfull people into being respectble members of society(reigen), a man that trough sheer will power rebuild and fought the whole existence just to make people free(simon with kamia being his mentor who died in a war to save the planet just because he could inspire and save people

| And then there is the awkward mad scientist who endure time torture while sending himself trough time and space, thats invented a time machine and destryed his mental health just so he could save his friends and the world from both death and ww3

| Okabe rintarou aka hououin kyouma.

There must be characters that have done even better than the above and rightfully so like all might, you cant just come and say the 1 guy did better than everyone else, they are all the peak of manliness and should be examples for everyone

| >>683547
All fair examples with solid viewpoints and a true finishing statement, *but* consider the more grounded vibe of Majima as well. The characters that you have listed may be heroic or inspiring in their own ways, but Majima's actions and attitude make him more human, more *real* in a way.

Putting great characters in fantasy settings doesn't automatically make them worse than those set in more realistic environments, for clarity's sake, but it makes them more relatable. /

| >>683552
/ Which is why Majima's human struggle and rise from a complete rock bottom to a position of higher, deserved power by living his life to the fullest and putting those that he truly cares for in first place rather than himself gives off a greater, "realer" idea of heroism, almost doubling the inspiring aura that the man lets off any time, anywhere.

It's hard getting that same inspiration from an anime that involves complex time travel or planetary destruction, y'know?

| >>683553 fair point, I mean it just really bothered me that you said that if no character has done the same then they are all worse amd that is just unnaceptable.

Small take: realism is fine but I think fantasy can be just as good and realatable, not in a phisical way but you know how deep in your heart there is always a part of you that is more absurd than anything in real life? You know, that inner child that is cuffed by the shackles of society and reak life?

| Argument really do help this thread objective.

| >>683555 yes, and we will reach the 250 reply limit and FUCKING BREAK IT!!! This is the tread that will pierce the heavens!

| We just gotta have what we had here times 10

| >>683554
True, elitism of that kind was unprofessional on my part. Call it a heavy bias, I guess.

>inner child
I can totally get that. At the end of the day, I'm still a lot more 'attracted' to worlds and characters with a certain depth and realism to 'em, but I can get why people would want a way of escaping the restraints of conventional storytelling and whatnot in an attempt to find something more comfortable, more appealing to a sort of free spirit in 'em.

...or something.

| >>683560 i mean, you can do story about a soldier in war that trough clevernes and determination manages to end the whole conflict and save his nation or you can also write about a young man who defeats a whole dystopian univeral nazi empire with just his sheer willpower being materialized into a drill that can pierce reality and go against the laws of everything established just so he can free his people. Both hold the same impact to me on a outter and inner level

| O
Giga drill breaker!!!!

| L

| I don't care what you say but I know one thing is clear, they don't love you like I do ^ω^

| ZANE!!?

| I still don't know who is "ZANE" or what is the meaning of it!!!!

| I've been through other threads asking for it

| >>683620
Have you, uh, have you not played VA-11 HALL-A? I would recommend doing so ASAP, it's really good and this whole board is essentially one big reference to it.

| Just make Lesbian Choke Sex Story Part 2 and you'll get insta 250 in a few days.

| Zane?!

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| ZANE!?

| #SlaveDicksMatter

| Press Q for Quick buttjob.

| Q

| HELL YEAH!! Thats the attitude we need, to reach the limit! Btw ZANE!?


| Danger/u/pass owner only thread

| >>683739 hell no, this is a public thread

| >>683739
Don't come here with that moneyfag shit!

| End of passholder thread.

This now exclusively a summoning war. First one to get pref on here wins bragging rights

| But what if pref doesn't want to be summoned? I respect the rights of pref over bragging rights.

| >>683739 nice that's also my thread tho

| >>683750 screw them we will summon pref even if they dont want to, lets summon pref.

| Pref?!

| >>683698

| Anyone care for a 120 yen caramel?

| Caramel is the sugar in crystal form

| Sturdy like our will reach the limits!

| ,

| E

| burg

| >angry burg


| By the burg and the angry burg,I declare here and now that I love pizza.

Also burg.

| Lets stirr things a little and say...
You are not a real fan of this site unless you type burg and play VA-11 HALL-A

| What if 500 symbols limit is also lie?

| >>683849
I'll test that, hold up.

| That was the max I could post.

| >>683860 no it wasnt, you werent even trying, try harde and type more than 500

| >>683866
I took more and then clicked submit. Then removed one and pressed submit, and then continued until it worked. Maybe you can only get past the 500 limit on PC? I only have my phone, sorry.

| Hmm, what if it does works in Wii U browser?

| >>683872
I've got one of those downstairs but I don't wanna wake up my grandpa to test it.

| >>683870 give your best and go as further than you ever went before

| Lets do a one word game! You can onmy post one word and once someone types period we need to write the phrase that was made
I will start


| <_< >_> |_|... 177013.

| >>683921

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| >>683923 wanted


| >>683939to

| >>683947 eat

| Let's play Rock Paper Scissors


| >>683973
[/spoiler] Immediately ripping my thread, but I'm down. [spoiler]

| I'm a fag and deserve to die.

| Do the impossible, see the invisible

| >>683987 row row fight the power!

| >>683992 Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable

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| >>684012 row row fight the power!


| 7 more to 100, LET'S DO THIS!!!

| Remember when we used to have captchas? Man, things are so good now

| >>684106 hell yeah! Captchas suck!

| >>684106
You know, I didn't really mind it, but I definitely don't miss it.

| copy and past some emojis using the "Random" thread, i try some emojis there, some work, some don't

| How are yall pps!!! Lets use them to pierce the 250 replies limit!!!

| ☺☺☺

| ii oo

| angry burg

| Gurls, we nee to revive this chat!!! Lets do it so we can reach the 250 reply limit and break it

| Can someone throw some bait out?

| Bruh

| >>684177
Uh, I can try?

Gay is bad and [insert political statement most people disagree with here]!!!

| >>684186 good but kinda spineless, lemme show you the ropes

Mee too was just an excuse to scam men an steal their money trough false acusations, most woman are liars and cheaters trying to break up without having any conssequences and making a quick buck

| >>684189
I was just making a joke about the bait on this site. Your bait would actually be pretty good if the topic was still relevant though, so I'll entertain it.

| >>684189
What the fuck? Are you retarded? Sexual abuse and taking advantage of women is not a fucking joke. You sound like a fucking incel who hates on women and think they should be treated like shit because your mom beat your retarded ass as a kid. Fuck off.

| i hate bait but in this thread it's ok i guess

| >>684191 aw thanks, the best bait comes from fighting the power

| >>684192asside from the mom beating and woman hating, you got the rest kinda acuratelly

| >>684193 well i want to reach the limit of this thread and drilk trought it, and I aint even op

| Btw, pokimane sucks

| >>684207
For real though. She's a piece of shit. Women making money by acting like whores online is the reason why society is so fucked up right now.

| this isn't a bait but BLM should die, also trannies are mentally ill degenerates and the fag parades should be banned
these are my actual opinions and nothing i can say will prevent you from believing this is bait so it's cool to just basically say it with 0 implications

| >>684213 cool bit bro!(not bait)

| Tryna get this thread past 250 bro, not get it locked. Damn.

| we count to 250

| 1

| 2
Row row fight the powah!

| 3

| 4

| 5

| >>684239 please take care of the thread *rpg sfx* "you are now a thread op!"

| 6
>>684241 thank you mah brodha

| 7
Got promoted hell yeah!
Lets reach 250 B)

| >>684106 i miss captchan. this is fun, though

| 8 xaptcha zucks it creats an artificial barrier and it was rhe worst on mobile

| x

| ⑨

| 10[cummies]

| Bumpin

| 11 cummies to match my age ;)
(The wiki says I'm 18 though so it's okay)

| >>684207 remember when she sent her simpbase to take down Itsagundam's video on simps? Hell yeah good times.

| Remember, no thots.

| 11

>>684284 tch pathetic, tipicall fragile female ego

| 12 can somebody come up with a bait that will pierce the heavens!?

| Mee too was just an excuse to scam men an steal their money trough false acusations, most woman are liars and cheaters trying to break up without having any conssequences and making a quick buck

| 13 No, but I can pierce you and it will feel like you're in heaven~ <3

| >>684298 while I appreciete the flirting(and I felt quite flatered) i do not appreciate the act of piercing myself but thanks for the offer

| 14

| 15 You don't have to do it yourself sweetie, I will do it for you hehe~

| 16
>>684302 no thank you very much

| 17 Death it is then~ <3

| 18 im hopping on the train to get- oh no

| 19 death is death is just a concept

| 20 I cast revive on this chat, lets drill through all possibilities!

| ☆
/ \

| My homie Ali????????‍♂️

| Q : Is YandereDev an incel?
A : In short, yes I am.

| We need a bait to pierce the heavens! Drop your rods!

| Post No. 151: We're almost there g/u/rls, keep chatting!!!

| We are already past the half, keeo pushing guls!!!!

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| >>684478 hell yeah! LETS BREAK THE LIMIT!!!

| Alright g/u/rls we got this!

| oh my god guys we need 251!!!

| >>684524 251 is the bare minimum for this thread

| 251 LET'S GO!!!

| ммммм оаоа)

| 250 posts is not mandatory for threads to be good.

with that said


| Too bad the mod appreciation thread reached 250 :|

| >>684539 What day was that thread at again?

| >>684539 yep and some fucker decided to screw up the counting and was impresionating me, thats not very row row fight the power from their part

| And I made a new one since the reply limit was reached and i didnt have yall support to break it, but next time WE WILL DO!!!


| Cum cum cum cum

| What would happen if I ate a bug spray?

| I ate cum spray but nothing happened

| >>684639 try chewing 5 gums, you'll get the same feeling

| Bait to pierce the heavens: if you steal a persons thread and tries to ruin whatever op tries to do you are one of the worst type of anons out there

| Gurls why is the chat dead!?LETS REACH THE LIMITS!!!

| i guess 175 is enough...


| BODY IMPROVEMENT! FIGHT ON!!!!(yes MOB reference, there are more anime besides gurren lagann)


| >>684757
Filling a thread up to 250 posts for the sake of it is not motivating at all...
It's devoid of meaning, and feels like a chore.

On the other hand you can contribute to burg's balance and feel the accomplishment of actually helping the human race transcend existence and pierce the heavens to break into a universe of peace and equality ; where all can be happy, be they angry or not.

| a

| 250 soon?

| >>684825
ok virgin

| also, post post post eye did eye lol23

| >>684825
We're going past 250 you boring fag! Just believe in the power of g/u/rls and we can do it!

| >>684836
hello mr bee !
you look very 10 dimensional

| >>684755
oh no, it's Safety/u!!
they're trying to stop us

| >>684838
I'm not a bee...

| >>684825 pathetic, you dont understand our goal, we will reach the 250 limit by force, and we will break it!!! Row row fight the power!!!

| Burg and angry burg are just filling we need to better ourselves, all gods can tell their sheep to stop but never the ones who stray from their paths we are the stray sheep that will go beyond god!!!

| >>684889

| >>684845 Fuck it, we are maya the bee

| >>684888 just like drills, you need 2 sides of the spiral to keep intertwining. We need the "row row fight the power" gurls and also "this is stupid, let's stop" gurl to pierce trough the 250 limit.

| >>684917 yes and thats why i fight those gurls, conflicts cause union wich causes progress

| It builds spiral power

| Day 532, attempt 987 at summoning Pref to bless this thread

| cormoran

| >>684920
There's no fight nor conflict to begin with.
250 limit was already reached in many threads, and without some self-served shitty goal as "break the 250 limit".
You could, like, you know, make other threads that don't rely on the boring milestone of "go beyond 250".

| I need more buttjobs

| >>684940 omegalul

| angry burg


| >>684940 you see that as boring because your view is too limited, you feel confortable in your 250 bubble we want to go higher than that


| Wewe

| 1

| 2

| penis

| 3

| 5

| 4

| 6

| 7

| 69

| >>684940
you're wrong, and very wrong.

| wrong

| we are right

| left?

| We are centrists.

| 251

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| where did ya all go??

| 251 FOR THE WIN!!!

| And BEYOND!!


| https://www.vets4pets.com/siteassets/species/cat/kitten/tiny-kitten-in-field.jpg


| https://icatcare.org/app/uploads/2019/09/The-Kitten-Checklist-1.png

| https://www.thesprucepets.com/thmb/BVt8jAa-jwlxM3U_Wwpu6SLsWgo=/3456x2592/smart/filters:no_upscale()/portrait-of-cat-on-field-914579534-5c7475a446e0fb0001a5eeeb.jpg

| And if we fail I will make another thread so we can try again!!

| LETS GET 251!!!!!!

| Lets get it!!!!

| https://ibb.co/V2zNNCC

| 251 desu

| 251 desu

| 251 desu

| 251 desu

| Lets gooooo!!! Please helt us janitors and pref, also burg, lets pierce the heavens

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

| 2 5 1

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