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| >Need a job
>cutting scars all over my arms
>too hot to wear long sleeve shirts

| Cover it with makeup

| Stop cutting yourself gurl!! :(((
It's not worth it, you and your body are beautiful and shouldn't be hurt (╯_╰)

| It's never too hot for long sleeves. Legs are more than good enough to cool you off. Wear shorts.

| Makeup.

Also, stop cutting yourself please. :/

| Or, alternatively, you can start cutting your ribs.
It was popular in my school among girls that whished to wear shortsleeves and to cope with existential dread by harming themselves at the same time.

| (。ŏ_ŏ) please stay safe, I can only give you a virtual hug but I really hope you don't harm yourself any further

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This thread is permanently archived