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Is it possible to be suicidal and be excited for immortality?

| If you have a badass android body or everlasting youth would you be less depressed?

| To a point. I don't think it takes much more than a natural human lifespan to become bored with the world.
But it is nice to embrace death on your own terms and without pain.

| Of course, but at least give me unlimited libido and partners to satisfy my needs.

| >>678665 immortality would be good. I can handle some boredom in exchange for eternal life.

| Well duh, besides if you can be made immortal then curing depression shouldn't be too far off beyond that

| Also you wouldn't have to worry about content creators biting it before they can finish a series *cough*Martin*cough*

| >>678898

| I meant GRRM but that works too

| There's nothing to be depressed about if you are immortal. Made wrong life choices? No problem, do it over, who cares, you aren't aging anyway.

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This thread is permanently archived