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Why pepper sprays are not popular?

| It's AOE, it's extremely effective and it's cheap. And yet I don't see any. Not on criminals, not on rioters and not on, get that, regular people wishing to defend themselves from mentioned parties and wildlife.

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It's rather hard to use properly, not as effective as you'd want and can backfire quite easily.

| >>678691 Not as effective? One spray of that baby can burn your eyes for a whole day.

| What if it's taken from you and used on you ?

| If the wind goes the wrong way it can get in ur eyes instead. You're better off with a taser

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Yeah, maybe if you just spray yourself straight in the eyes. Now try doing the same with someone assaulting you. The AOE sprays are susceptible to wind and, once again, backfire easily. The more concentrated liquid ones require precise aiming, and can be defended against without too much effort. The effect is also rarely immediate. Besides, even with eyes burning the opponent can still attack you.

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Afaik even regular clothing can protect against a taser. Also not sure on legality of those in most places.

| >mfw anything for self defence is illegal where i live

| >>678691 >>678760 Wind can be a problem, but I'm not saying that pepper sprays are panacea. Besides, it's not always present. Especially if we are talking about an urban setting.
And yes, AOE can be unreliable and more precise ones are harder to use - but it's not like there is no models that do both at the same time.
You are considerably better off with one than without in most situations - but almost no one carries them, even "just in case".

| >>678761 They also can do that with a knife in the arm or after getting teased. Andrenalin and all that. But it's kinda hard to do if your senses are overloaded with agony.
Peppers sprays also have superior range than most other options and don't require any training to be used effectively. Well, it is beneficial to go through some, but still.

| At the very least it's a solid beckup option.
Life-saving kind of "solid".

| >>678920 tased*

| I live in South Africa, my campus happens to be in the middle of the JHB cbd, crime a plenty. Literally half of my friends on campus have been mugged, held up at knife or gunpoint, some several times.

My parking is about 2 blocks away from campus and I leave fairly late so sometimes the sun is already down, have to walk through the city streets at night to get to my car.

So ya bet I carry some pepper spray with me, also a baton in my bag that can be accessed easily.

| I try my hardest to not walk alone and get my friends to walk with my to my car, then I drive em back to campus. We also always move quickly and don't stand around.

I've been fortunate to have never needed to use this stuff but having them on me does give me a slight sense of security, a what-if backup plan. I have no clue if they'd help or not, I mean if someone points a gun at me I'm not even going to attempt to fight back.

| But yeah, if you're worried about your safety then it's only natural to take whatever precautions you can to protect yourself. Perhaps I've avoided being mugged because I look to be on guard and travel quickly and rarely alone.

| >AOE

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Well, it does have an effect in a certain wide-ish area, so... That fits..?

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Definitely a non-homing projectile with very limited range. Anything that is "wide-ish" in area, I have never seen. You can't target more than one person at a time, the area is smaller than the bounds of one person.
Or maybe you're in a different server and you get updates before me ?

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Depends on the kind of spray, I guess. Gel-based might be closer to what you're describing, but I'd never call an aerosol spray a "projectile." Sure, it doesn't cover a very wide area at all, and the range is very limited indeed, but it's still an area. Especially considering that aerosol particles have decent hang time and can be carried by wind.

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Ok let's call it a beam weapon maybe ?

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Okay I do like the sound of that. Beam weapon it is.

| > not developing an immunity to pepper spray through low-level exposure over time like a patrician roman emperor

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