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I need help

| i'm going through one of the worst depressive episodes of my life. I have no expectations in my life anymore and I just feel like ceasing to exist, therapies don't help anymore, not even a month-long hospital stay helped. I don't know what to do anymore

| I've been away from my family for a year and a few months, my performance at work as a video editor has dropped considerably, I don't have the energy to get home and do nothing but cry to sleep, I don't have money for much more than my livelihood.The traumas of the past still haunt me and I just want to end it all for good.

| In fact, I've been going through a transition process for a year and I haven't made any progress unless they start using my correct name

| How can we help?

| >>678395 I'm no doctor, but "hormone therapy" sounds like a pretty likely reason for those kinds of problems. I'd check that out of you already didn't.
Other than that - you should try recconecting with your family. Maybe even moving back with them if possible.

| >>678395
there's the problem

| How many brothers will we lose to this tranny shit dude...

| NEVER admit to being trans on this site, it will just get u morons hating you for no reason

| >>678598 none if people treated people with respect, though of course you know that

>>678391 ignore the haters, do what you need to do. What's your correct (first) name if you don't mind me asking?

On the thread topic, I'm really sorry to hear it, depression is brutal and dealing with it is a fight itself before even getting to other situations

Is there anything that makes you feel romantically sad instead of just miserable? I've found that can be a big improvement sometimes

| I'd say go sort the most important stuff first like financial and social issues before worrying about other less important problems which if I mention will get fingers pointed at me.

| Feels like you're going through this all alone. I think you need someone to talk to and open up to, you need a friend. REAL friend, not just someone you hang out with. If you have someone to talk to but you don't because you "don't want to bother them", please do talk! Tell them it's important, go to them and let it out. Say you need their help and you don't know what to do. A small thing like "it's gonna be alright" can help, just has to be coming from someone you trust. Take care

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| >>678900 Some people believe that pointing out a /hormone/ therapy as a source of /emotional/ issues is considered hate.

| >>678923
but... that's the truth...?

| >>678931 I assume that they are just uninformed. There's no other reason other than cheap bait.

| thanks for the advice guys, I have friends but I don't feel like talking about myself with them, so I can only think that I am alone in all this. I'm trying to keep working but each day is more difficult and I constantly end up failing in simple things ...

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