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vtubers are weird

| i can enjoy them and i understand the appeal, it's just that it's hard to forget that they're real people behind an anime avatar. i guess you're supposed to treat them like fictional characters, but i can't help but think about how they're probably a fully grown adult posing as a cute anime girl.

it's also really weird when they can't properly express themselves because of a glitchy facerig, it just makes me uncomfortable

| the glitchy facerig I get, but as for the rest, eh, not too different from voice actors in anime imo.

| Are you supposed to "forget that they're real people"? Cause I never did that and still enjoyed a lot of the streams. The facerigs for me are basically... fancy anime profile pictures, I guess, and otherwise I treat them just like any other streamer without a webcam.

| >>678247 I feel the same, vtubers are fun and they have basicaly a character that they can express themseves as.

| >>678247
Yeah, I don't think you're supposed to forget that they're people. They're literally just anonymous YouTubers.

| I look at them as if I look at Idols. Normal human which turned into a fictional character when they are on screen. I don't enjoy watching both of them.

| >>678234
I don't like how screechy they can get, tbh.
Or the fact that people idolize them.

| Its simple to understand lmao
Its like how a streamer can have an on-cam personality and an off-cam one, the vtuber you see facerigged is different from the actual person

| >>678872 I'd say for vtubers it's even easier to umderstand since you are constantly reminded by the drawn avatar that this is, in most parts, an online character.

| >>678631
People idolize realworld celebrities, so your point is kinda moot ngl
And a lot of people cant stand some of the voices of celebrities in general, like how people hate youtubers for being loud and obnoxious

| >>678894
Yeah, they're literally just anon celebrities.

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