should opinions affect relationship towards other people?

| should a person's opinion (political or otherwise) change their relationship towards other people?

let's say, two individuals, presumably friends, have contradicting opinions.
should it affect their relationship?

| Ideally - no. People should discuss their opinions abd come to a common consensus.

In reality though, people are usually too dense for that kind of thing, and their opinions are too superficial to defend it properly without resorting to emotional arguments.

| No, it shouldn't, but it will.

| it will stand between them

| In extreme cases - yes.
You really don't want to find out that your friend follows Sharia law.
Some opinions and views are just dangerous.

| Talking with someone with a complete polar opposite of my opinion make me feel slight emotion that resembles disgust, but it mostly depends on how much I can still enjoy the time spent with them. In other words, what >>674448 said.

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