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| hey kids, I'll be brief. it looks like we may have to start hanging out here a lot more now that reddit is being decimated with bans and rumor says 4chan is next on the chopping block. maybe having smaller cuter social boards like this one is a good thing idk. I just wished more people used it. I'm gonna try to discreetly tell people about this site and you should too! (also use this thread to talk about your concerns for the future)

| Honestly, the more people seem to get here suddently from reddit or 4chan or similar during for a time the worse it gets

| >>674193 man I’d take bad content over no content though, right now it takes an hour to get a reply

| sounds like you got banned, am i wrong ?

| Hmm. I kinda like that this board is so low-key though. It feels more like a chill community and less like a big social media platform.

| >>674197
god no, I don’t post in any place where I could be seriously banned. I just got to thinking about how I get 99% of my socialization from 4chan and I would be really lonely if it ever got shut down. Plus I remembered finding this place a couple years ago and miss it

| Let's not. Having a lot of users is overrated anyway.

| oh okay then welcome back i guess

i don't agree with bad content over no content. you could find that away from there way more easily anyways...

| On top of that, part of the reason why the other, bigger socmed sites are getting assrammed is because of how big they are- big enough to require things like terms of service agreements, proprietary anti-spam bots, all kinds of shit. You think that this website will be able to continue operating *as is* if we had any significant activity? Lol no.

The first thing to happen will be mandatory reCaptcha and probably user accounts. Fuck being "mainstream."

| i also don't understand the thing about slow replies...
it's actually quite fast sometimes, too

| well i guess we're still waiting for goth gf OP to deliver.

| >>674206
I will admit I'm pleasantly surprised with how fast this one is going. Sometimes I get excited to talk to you guys, make a thread, and get nothing for hours and hours but today is a new day full of better results

| >>674205
do you think small websites will be able to continue in perpetuity anon or do you fear corporations will own all of the internet and strangle anything that isn’t mainstream?

| >>674210

No idea. But at the moment, it's not the corporations that are "strangling anything that isn't mainstream," its people choosing to congregate in only the most "popular" centers, either because they don't know any better, or because they don't care to visit elsewhere. Incidentally, it's also often these same said users which turn their respective communities into shit, even without the admins of that website's involvement.

| >>674212
yeah I’m essentially just talking out of my ass, I hold vague worries that eventually everything will be about product consumption which means there’s no point in letting people hang out in non corporate owned spaces. Blade runner fear

| >>02dd57 Don't do this, You will transform this board in to shit like 4chan, reddit, 2ch, and 0chan!

| >>674218 don't worry I don’t even have anyone to tell I really just wanted to vent

| >>674216


| >>674226 ty :’)

| >>674219
Ay, nothing wrong with venting homie. I have gotten through a lot of hard things in my life by venting on here, genuinely.

| Doesnt help that most big plataforms are full of normies and sjws, I prefer dweling in more deep sites where the censoship and canceling isnt so annoying, its also gud here cuz the mods work hard and are actual human beings and not bots with peanuts for brains who think they should censor ylu before someone gets offended, so I like how small this site is

| >>674184 welcome back OP, but please let people discover this place naturally. Danger/u/ isn't something you share around to everyone you know. It's something that's stumbled over. That's what makes it some comf. Enjoy your stay~!

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