"Life gets harder as you get older. That's why adults are allowed to drink alcohol."

| - Madoka's mother, I think.

That quote hits me hard. While I don't drink, I'm not able to handle without substances like that. I'm not even fully adult yet.

I wanted to know how you g/u/rls feel about this quote. I feel that while it's obviously not 100% correct, it's also pretty accurate.

| Alcohol is not the only way to relieve stress you know

| >>673116
I'm very aware, but alcohol and similar are very easy ways, and usually what you gravitate towards if you don't have a lot of time.

The character who said it is basically social commentary on people who are stuck in jobs where they work almost 24/7 and can only come home to sleep and then straight back to work, so alcohol is more or less the only relief she has time for.

I'm not saying it's a good or healthy things, I'm saying it's very real.

| :/ I don't remember this from Madoka, but it sounds fitting.

| >>673120
It's in the 3rd episode I think. I just suddenly remembered that scene and found it very interesting to think about.

| Honestly? I agree.

| >>673118 t..that's my life rn OTL

| I don't do alcohol or drugs, but I have porn

| Alcohol and something I've been told is "deeply worrying " I do to relieve stress and anxiety. Fuck being 21 and already stuck in a shitty dead end tech job

| Yes. I'm drinking almost every day. Sometimes I can't fall asleep sober, sometimes I wake up at 4am and can't get back to sleep.
My coworker who doesn't drink at all asked me why can't we act nice and open and hugs when we're sober. That was after our last corp party. I said, we drink not to feel good, we drink to feel less bad.
I don't know where I'm going with this.

| >>673221
I feel that first part for sure. As I said earlier I don't drink, but I'm kind of back into the habit of knocking myself out with way too much nicotine just to make it a little easier to sleep. I still don't fall asleep earlier than 4-5am though.

I know you want someone to ask, so I'll ask. What is that "deeply worrying" thing?

Probably for the best if it stays like that.

It do be like that. Hope you get out of it eventually homie.

| >>673242 i dont wanna be alcoholic but i was wondering if im slowly on the road to being one if i just drink it whenever im anxious. It helps me to think that, "hey life isnt as shitty as my brain implies it to be"

| >>673263 You already are if that's what you're doing.

| >>673263 Get some help as soon as possibru. Alcohol is one hell of a drug and has destroyed a fucking huge amount of lifes so far.

| >>673263
Using drugs to cope is what addiction is homie. If you need alcohol to not feel anxious and to feel good about life and yourself, well, that sounds like alcoholism to me.

| >>673242

Not to get too dark but a bit of self harm, I know it's bad, but meh, it is what it is. And drinking to excess, last time was fun but I had over a litre of mixed spirits and I remember puking in a park at 6am. Reading over that is actually fucking grim, please no one follow me as an example.

| >>673317
I have a lot of friends who self harm. I kinda do it with biting myself, but that's more like a tic than a conscious choice.

Be careful though, with both the self harm and the alcohol. It's clear that you struggle, but taking care of yourself is still important. I'm not telling you to stop, I'm just hoping things can get better for you eventually. Stay strong homie.

| I've seen alcohol destroy some of the lives of those close to me in an indirect manner. 99.9% of the time I don't drink alcohol for that reason.

I swore on my stance against alcohol personally, or to drink very conservatively.

| every day is night in my life

| >>673421
On the bright side though, you have a really great music track in your life.

| >>673441
i know..

| >>673267 >>673273 >>673293 bruh..... haha ok u guys im getting anxious lol didnt even think i was already there

| >>673447
you say bruh and u guys, you're already fucked in the head

| >>673447
Most people don't want to believe they're addicted, but listen to yourself homie. If someone else told you that they need alcohol to cope with anxiety and life in general, like, you see how that's a problem, yeah?

I feel bad for you.

| >>673450
fuck off that's my job...

| >>673263
Actually, to be addicted to alcohol and to be alcoholic are two different things.
Because alcoholism is a thing when you can drink for a week everyday or even a month.
Not from time to time, every ffffing day.
I myself drink at most 3 times a week.
My body can't handle drinking 2 days in a row (alcohol makes a stronger effect on me), so I'm out of danger.
Yes, I have an addiction, but alcoholism is a farcry thing from just an addiction.

| >>673481
addiction to the consumption of alcoholic drink; alcohol dependency.

Alcoholism and alcohol addiction is literally the same thing. How addicted you are just comes down to the person. That's like saying "I'm not a smoker, I'm just addicted to cigarettes." because you smoke 7 cigs a day instead of a pack. The name has nothing to do with how addicted you are. It's if you're addicted or not.

| >>673484
My father could drink for a month straight
Same with my aunt
This is alcoholism

| >>673583
No, that is heavy alcoholism.
Again, I understand not wanting to be compared to that in any way, but you can't just change actual definitions just to make yourself feel more comfortable. You can pretend it has a different name though if that makes you happy.

| Just random g/u/rl putting her unwanted two cents in but maybe you are talking about the difference of being clinically diagnosed with alcoholism versus admitting to being an alcoholic or having a dependence on that substance. I call myself an alcoholic because I drink to numb the pain or to a point where I hurt myself. Not everyday but it's a bad habit, I brought this up with a doctor/psychiatrist....

| ...and if it's not to a certain extent like drinking more than 2-3 drinks daily for several weeks or hindering any aspect of your life then most doctors wouldn't diagnose you as a alcoholic or someone suffering from alcoholism. Not trying to diminish anyone experience but that's what happen to me but if you notice you have such tendencies you might want to check with a doctor to be sure.

Best of luck, g/u/rls

| now i wan a drink

| >>673629
unwanted? fuck that!

| >>673686 :) thanks, friendo

| >>674356
reply noticed

| I haven't tried alcohol, but I want to, but I know I'd get addicted.

| >>674426
me 4 years ago

| >>674438
I feel like that's a lot of people, but, yeah. I don't know when I'll become an alcoholic but it's I can legally drink in a year, so, probably then.

| And here I am, knowing that I can't drink past a certain point because I get aggressive and eventually too sad. Too bad that I really like drinking. I'm fine as long as I don't pass that line.

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