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I'm worried, but it's probably irrational

| I was talking to someone I know, and she said it sounded kinda like someone entered her house and she freaked out a bit. Then she calmed down and we talked for a little bit and now she's not answering. It's only been 20minutes, but it's giving me mad anxiety and I probably won't be able to sleep until I get a reply. I'm probably just overthinking, I'm anxious and it's really late, but, I just needed to get his off my chest.

| *this

| Well, that was a short lived venting thread. I got a response now, like, 3 minutes after I made this thread. Fuck. I knew it was irrational, but, well, fuck. I really need sleep. Wtf.

| It's alright g/u/rl. I probs would've freaked out the same way in that situation

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Thank you.

| stay safe D:

| We've all been in this situation before, don't sweat it.

At least you kept yourself occupied instead of worrying too much this time.

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I'm not the one I was worried about, but I will. Well, I'll try.

I worried for, like, almost 30 minutes though. Making this thread kinda helped, but, like, I knew she was gonna be watching a movie with her mom, so I knew that was probably it and she forgot to say she was leaving, which turned out to be the case, but it still freaked me out.

| Well, fuck me. She was out hiking and now she's not responded for over an hour. She's probably just busy doing vacation stuff, but, why does this sort of stuff keep happening? I'm not really anxious from it now, but, damn. I'm having some bad luck.

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This thread is permanently archived