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| is it gay if a girl likes femboys?

| I'll answer this with the same response all variations of this question warrant:

It's bisexual. Attraction to femboys *as* femboys requires a degree of attraction to both the masculine and feminine aspects, and so from any point of view an attraction to femboys is bisexual.

This interpretation is simplified and doesn't account for non-binary genders and sexualities outside of the basic straight/gay/bi.

Femboys are a bisexual concept, let's just leave it at that.

| Femboys are men, so no. Yall make this way more complicated than it needs to be.

| If femboy is just the male equalient of tomboy then no, she's just a straight girl with a type.

You're not bisexual because you have a boyfriend that acts a little feminine.

Or vice versa if you date a tomboy.

| Yeah. It's pretty simple.

| I want to rub a cute femboy's cock while he writhes with pleasure at the touch of my fingers against his hard, sensitive nipples, until he shoots hot ropes of semen all over his stomach. Then I'll chastize him for making a mess, and go to lick up all his cum while he squirms around at the touch of my tongue. After his penis is clean, I'd rub my stomach against it, asking if he'd like to cum again, while reaching my hand up and into his mouth, caressing his boy pussy with the other.

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Now I wish I was a femboy...

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Yeah me too...

| no, but it IS gay to be OP

| It's it gay for men to like tomboys?

The holy truth.

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No, because they're female.

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It was a rhetorical question.

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