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Is "overeducation" bad?

| I first learned this concept from playing Cities Skylines.

Having citizens with college degrees who are just gonna do hard labor work in factories is bad apparently.

That kind of make sense from the government point of view, but what about the citizens?

Is it bad to educate yourself higher than your job requires you? Let's imagine a world where standard factory workers can read and understand a scientific paper of the thing they are making, will that be a bad world?

| Would you, having an university degree, go working as a supermarket cashier? I don't even have a degree and the thought of this type of work doesn't thrill me.

| I do believe that is a genuine think, yeah. You know that shit about smarter people with higher IQ having higher chance of depression and all that shit, right? I believe that's part of it.

Irl, it's often people with not the best education or who need to work while getting an education who work "lower" but very necessary jobs like that, which is good. Imagine working hard and training your brain to become a lawyer, and then working retail all your life. Fuck that.

| Like, I'll probably have to work retail or similar for a while, and I'm fine with that. I have made the choice to drop education for a while, so obviously I most likely will have to. But if I worked hard for essentially all my life to have a high position, with high pay and that I enjoy a lot or have motivation to do, and then I get put in a grocery store or a fast food restaurant because I have no other choice. I'd feel like my life was wasted and I'd get really depressed.

| There will be always willfully ignorant people no matter how many and much educated are the rest.

Also, If we ever reach a state where most of the population has a degree, we will probably have by then almost every non skilled job automated, and basic income would become a real thing since most of us will have BS jobs or no need to work.

| There's also a thing about being knowledgeable and being smart. After you finish your degree, people don't generally tell you that now you have to learn stuff on your own, without teachers and professors. I know a couple of humans who did very well in school and university and now they don't know what to do with their lives. One girl went for a second degree in Germany, two boys enlisted to army.

| Maybe, 'overqualification' in the name would be better.

| Fulfillment is something you gain from philosophy, not generally being learned. Internal perception, not external circumstance, or something like that.

Always strive for tomorrow to be a little better than yesterday was, anon. An upwards trajectory is only a bad thing if its intention is corrupt.

| Imagine being overqualified for your work at making the first nuke, a job that requires you to not know why are you doing what you are doing.

| Over education and learning too much I do not think is a problem. It is excellent to learn and realize more about the world. The problem arises when these people who have thousands in debt make only a couple thousand a year with those being the only shitty jobs they can find. When they have qualifications the make much more. Resulting in a pool of labor whom is overqualified resulting in only the overqualified being able to take positions in jobs of low skill.

| >>670006 thus this forces those of low skill whom don't have thousands in debt being forced to take the thousands or become homeless/destitute.

| i truly believe that correctly dosed ignorance can lead to a better, stabler society.
ignorance is strength

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