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Ice knife as murder weapon?

| Would it work? How good would it be?

| Why

| You could probably stab someone with a sharp - and sturdy - enough icicle, but... As >>c55b84 said, why?

| Mudering purposes, I guess? And melting it afterwards so it is nowhere to be found. :) Although I dunno about the blood traces stuck to the ice.

| Pretty much >>669189

| While i'm at it, ice arrow/bolt?

| Definitely wouldn't use that. It can be surprisingly difficult to stab someone...
But I guess it's usable...

| A blunt weapon would be better. Like a frozen chunk of meat. Just gift it to your grandparents after washing it thoroughly... :D

| There's reports of icicles falling on and killing people all the time. That's why you see those "caution! Icicles above" signs all the time.

| >>669215
Yea but they have to be MASSIVE AF, right ?

| Might as well buried them in avalanche at that point.

| If you can get ice as a weapon, chances are you can probably get much better weapons. A knife of the material would be brittle as fuck. Hell, just have a nice big bag of ice and use it as a blackjack or something if you really want to stick to using ice like discount Elsa

| >>669242 then how would it work in setting like dangaronpa? Well if you don't have yo go through step of making one of course.
>closed environment where disposal of evident is extremely hard.

| >>669243 For dangan, well those fuckers have crazy talents. There might actually be someone that could make a viable ice knife. But for everyone else, I really don't think they'd go out of their way to stick someone with an icicle (Monokuma usually provides tons of other shit that would be more reliable). Perhaps someone could intentionally have an icicle fall on their victim (cont)

| >>669247 Or push them into an ice sculpture with a part sharp enough to pierce flesh, which might break the statue and leave the ice bit inside the victim. From there the blackened might try to dig the ice out/ put the body in a warmer place to thaw out the ice/destroy the sculpture to further fuck with the scene. Chances are the ahoge bearer of the group will probably suss out the details and fuck them up anyway.

| This assumes the ice sculpture has been introduced prior so their destruction/absence would be missed. Also if the ice sculpture is particularly huge it might just be impossible to completely vanish it

| Self disguising weapon, neat.

| Hard to use, easy to break, limited duration, hard to conceal... Sounds like a pretty crappy weapon. At this stage, blunt force sounds like a better option.

| >>669249
> a h o g e b e a r e r

| https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r1GzOadFYpg&feature=emb_title

Ice knife can exists and works
Theoretically can be weapon everything from chairs to glass or water..

| https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r1GzOadFYpg&feature=emb_title

Ice knife can exists and works
Theoretically can be weapon everything from chairs to glass or water..

| >>669182
dunno why OP-kun needs it, but oh well.
just take a big piece of ice and hit somebody in the head

| I remember reading about this old man that made a knife out of his frozen feces and then proceeded to Kill and butcher a dog, made a sled out of its carcass, tied it to a bunch of other dogs and escaped into the wild.

| >>669934

| >>669934

| >>669934
hello boner

| Most investigators only care so much about the murder weapon. If they can establish presence and motive and some other basic forensics, then that's usually enough to convict.

| >>669934

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