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Your favourite artwork of all time?

| Does anybody have a single piece of artwork that's stuck out to them? Like an art or a fan art you've seen online somewhere that you've just immediately been in awe at or in love with.

I'm interested to see what you g/u/rls might have.

| i don't want to tell you

| >>669028 Do I detect a hint of lewd?

| Yoshi's island, the game is a master piece

| >>669045 As a strong advocate for the 'video games are art' argument I'll accept this.

Quality game.

| >>669047 the music is beautifil and the sprites of that game are something I'd like to put in my wall

| Yes.

| I don't think I could choose just one. My favorite visual art stuff includes BLAME!, early surrealism (especially Giorgio de Chirico's paintings) and porn that Merunyaa draws.

I also really like Lisa The Painful, but not because its graphics like the other examples.

| Yoshitoshi ABe.

| >>669135
>especially Giorgio de Chirico's paintings

I was gonna post this yesterday but didn't. Ever since I noticed him his art never really left my mind.

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is another one.

| i don't have just one, i don't have just one favorite artist either. i admire a lot of them and their works

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This thread is permanently archived