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>be danger/u/

| >thread closed

| <thread opened

| >be danger/u/ anon

| >thread theme colored to black
>default color text set to white

| good night

| Good Morning

| hi

| Bye

| you are all full of dangeru

| >

| >be danger/u/
>close threads because the mods are actually good

| >opening the thread, because i do bad decisions! ^^

| It's really annoying to get your nice thread closed because of them trolls, yet IP ban/warning doesn't sound too effective.

| there should be a /trash/ board for dumping low quality threads imo
so it doesn't pollute the original board

| >>667923
No. That would create a pretty toxic dynamic. People would constantly be replying with "Why is this on /u/ and not /trash/? This isn't worthy of /u/." Shit like that.

| >>667925 we need /trush/ section :c

| We have a trash section. Its called the delete button.

| Threadus deletus

| >>667959 delet me harder maid bb

| >threadus recuvus

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This thread is permanently archived