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What time should I be sleeping and waking up?

| I work at a job from 2pm-11pm/5 straight days a week that is very physically demanding,so I usually stay up till 2am-4am and wake up 9-11am. Today is my day off so I was really tired and fell asleep around 1am. I kept myself asleep till 12pm. Now my mom is ranting at me about how I shouldn't be waking up so late and should be waking up early like everyone else. She says my schedule isn't late enough for me to be sleeping late and that I can still sleep regularly like everyone else.

| Usually by the time I get home, everyone else has been asleep for an hour or two. I feel like i'm alright with how i'm sleeping but I just wanted a second opinion that's outside of the situation.

| You are fine OP, don't worry

| OP, maybe they're saying that because they feel like they want to see you more in the morning or before bed ?
This is fine, you do you. Sleeping habits have more going on than only considering your work schedule.

| there isn't "a proper time" that works for everyone after all !

| https://sleepyti.me/

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This thread is permanently archived