What's the most annoying ad you see on TV/the internet

| For me, it's the lit mobile ads

| When you're reading an article and a pop up blocks the page asking for your email to subscribe to their newsletter. Fuck the hell off

| >>61d038 New York and Washington post need to cut that shit out. As for ads, those shitty mobile strategy/survival games.

| American ads for medicine. Why are they all so happy and living their life to the fullest while the voiceover be listing 100 different side effects and complications that could occur upon intake?? It's bizzaro to me.

| Norwegian adds are cancer. Right now there's a fuck ton of train adds that are trying to make COVID into some cute shit that lets you meet people through distancing or some shit? Idk. I hate it.

| The commercials on TV where they show abused animals; or endangered animals with sad music playing. I've already been guilt tripped enough, thank you

| Swedish TV is literally SATURATED with casino ads, on average I see somewhere between 10-11 ads in a break.

| >>657863 10-11 casino* ads.

| Czech Alza

| >>657903 Care to explain?

| >>657959

https://youtube.com/results?search_query=Alza anything from it

| Where I live they've started this slogan campaign of "it's all gonna be okay" with a rainbow above or underneath it, it's as if this culture of always being a victim of something morphed into this bizarre thing where everyone's a victim of the virus.
I like to think that I'm the virus and they're all wearing masks because of me.
I don't want to breathe in your exhaled air, monkey, stay at least 6ft from me. And don't make eye contac- damn it they made eye contact.

| >>658019
Literally the cuck nation

| >>657863
Yeah, and they used to be quite aggressive too until the government told them to back off or they'll make them back off with new laws.

It became a bit calmer after that but I'm sure it's only temporary.

"Fun"-fact: the concern that governs all the swedish online casinos unironically named themselves after fictional wod vampires that leech off of humanity.

| the text that appears on yt videos on the top right corner. i mostly watch youtube on mobile and not on fullscreen so it bothers me a lot

| >>658034 evidently the government didn't push back hard enough then.

| Also huh, not that I know about the stuff behind the Swedish gambling commission, but sure.. I suppose.

| I will always loathe those ads they had for "The Last Guardian" a few years back. The ones that started with the kid screaming. That is the add that made me finally get a blocker.

| "If you or a loved one..."

| "You wont last 5 min playing this game" "this game will make you cum in 5 secs" " hot singles mothers in your area"

| Sjws, cancel culture, herd mentality, troll, spammers, people who dont get jokes, fanboys, etc

| the dude spamming right now is definitely a new thing in the internet that annoys me

| >>660006 true, can relate and can comfirm

| >>660006 he's kinda advertising as well, although he's not asking for money. he should sell ad space instead of using song titles.

| When Youtubers advertise their channel on another Youtubers channel before the video starts. No, fuck off—I'm not gonna watch or sub to your channel

| Lvl 1 crooks and lvl 100 mob bosses ads are over saturated

| Playrix ads are the worst, they are shameless enough to mislead people into thinking their games are different when it they are all actually match 3 games.
Also, I want to kill the Homescapes man.

| All Amazon Pride Video ads on Twitch.tv
They are so annoying because there is no variety, you only get those ads and you can't skip them


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