What makes you happy?

| For me, music is the closest thing that brings me to comfort.

| The things and people that i love.

| Messing with computers usually keeps me in check, but it doesn't necessarily spark any joy.

| seeing a beautiful ancient town and there are only white people

| Being productive

| Silence.

| Being alone, and I'm never alone..

| There's a lot of blue ids

| My friends and loved ones. They're what keeps me going.

| Food

| >>657984

| watch other people get hurt, CGDCT anime

| being with friends

| Shrimp instant noodles

| >>658503 so you're the reason those exist. Shrimp instant noodle lovers are a rare breed.

| >>658503
those are disgusting

| Nothing

| >>658523
Really? They've always been my favorite. Who doesn't love the taste of shrimp?

| I love sex.

| nature

| >>658607
I don't, not when it's *really* artificial.

| Sleeping beside someone

| >>658809
When she brushes up against you when she sleeps is the best feeling ever.

It's better than any sex or drug.

| >>658834
>It's better than any sex or drug
you're talking about endorphin, the "cuddle hormone". chemical reaction.

| >>658836
That's an oversimplification. There are multiple way to release endorphins and none of them feel as good as having a sleeping woman you fancy brush against you when you sleep.

| >>658846
Smoking works pretty well for that though, and is a lot easier. Not endorsing it, just saying.

| >>658846
i wouldn't know, gurl.

| >>658847
Lol no. I get most of my endorphins from exercising. Smoking is a garbage tier solution to feeling good.

| >>658858
It does work though, and excersise requires motivation, which I have very minimal of. So yes, it is garbage tier, but so am I.

| >>658869
Sorry to hear that. Please take care of yourself properly!

| Also reading those threads over at /new/ makes me very happy. I haven't smiled and laughed so much in front of my phone in a long time. One of the guys is really well read and I've either learned or laughed from every single one of his posts. The other guythe neo-nazi one I've mostly just laughed at.

| .

| >>659392
I'll try. Take care of yourself as well.

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