i feel hopeless

| and trapped in a black hole as it feels like i cannot get out anymore after all those tries. what do

| it might sound stupid, or might not be what you want to hear. but you gotta keep trying. there's no one easy answer to these kinds of problems and you gotta find out what helps and works for you. so hang in there and keep trying

| ride it out. try Art
i fucking wish i could pull you out
maybe it's all in your head?

| Get all the support you can from friends and family. Also, talk to your Pastor.

| Reading this already makes me feel better so thank you guys :)
You made me chuckle since it all being in my head is equally the solution as it is the problem. Sometimes the weight of the pain I caused and received throughout my life is suffocating me internally and getting out of control. Feels like I can't even be good to myself anymore. Today is a better day but I'm scared that it will crush down on me again the moment I lifted myself up as it has always been that way.

| No reason to get poetic...
How about you try out writing?

I believe that the first step to improving yourself is finding a new hobby, or improving yourself. Even a change in diet might be able to help.

| I find hentai fixes my depression pretty well.

| >>657497
I don't think that will work long term

| >>657500
perhaps not, but in my experience it works. mix it with a healthy dose of feel-good anime and playing vidyer with some friends and it does the trick.

oh and Listerine makes a wonderful substitute for booze.

for legal reasons the above is a joke and I waive all liability if someone reads this and then ends up hospitalised because of ingestion of the wrong kind of alcohol. disclaimer aside, I myself should probably stop occasionally taking sips of Listerine for lulz.

| >>b4a584 >>657300
Did you mean the one and only Pastor Maldonado; Grand Prix winner, and overall a very crashy dude? Wait, who am I even fooling? Of course you did!

| You can consider picking up a new hobby if you're feeling down and hopeless. Making something that I'm proud of usually pulls me out of a slump and makes me feel proud of myself.

I struggle with my own self esteem and at times I feel worthless, but when I work hard at something and get to see the final product, it makes me feel good about myself.

Maybe something like that can help you feel a little more hopeful.

Just something to consider though.

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