Favorite Cheese?

| Been trying out different cheeses.
Gotta say, I'm a big fan of asiago. If I had to describe it, it's like a sweet mozzarella. Romano's good too. Creamy and smooth.
Not a fan of provolone at all. I went for a sharp provolone too.

| Feta for me. It's one of the least unhealthy cheeses(or so I've been told).

| I like Paisa Hard Cheese, if I'm honest it's the only type of Cheese that I truly like but I think you can only find it in Colombia and Venezuela and sadly I haven't been able to find it in the place where I live now (╥﹏╥)

| I like kamembert, but idk a lot cheeses

| I like cheddar, but I only had it fairly mild, can't wait to get my hands on sharper ones but they're not common locally.

Brie is also decent, goes well with honey and nuts.

Bryndza is a homely old favourite. Get a slice of bryndza and some sun-dried tomatoes on rye bread and you can basically taste heaven.

I'm also personally partial to Polish blue cheeses, but my favourite one has recently dropped in quality a bit. Also it's not that great on its own, needs bread and butter.

| >>657114 High five

| >>657152 *High five* ! ^^

| gouda

| Okay top 3 cheeses for me:

Cheddar. It's versatile, it's reliable, and basically everyone likes it.

Wensleydale with apricot. I love a fruit cheese combo, and a nice sweet apricot with a tasty Wensleydale is a great combo.

| Hot brie with cranberry sauce. Cheese and cranberry in any form is amazing, but on a hot gooey brie.. oh man. It's a great lil thing to have and dip in, and above anything else it makes a great centre piece at a party, as a large enough brie will serve more than enough people, and I kinda like it when people come together to just enjoy something.

| Being lactose intolerant is suffering

| Feta for salads.
Smoked sulguni is the best beer snack.
Mozz and parm on a pizza.
Young gouda in a sammich.

| i didn't know there were many kinds of cheese

| Jarlsberg, probably. It's pretty good. Cheddar right underneath that.

I am as well, but cheese so good man.

| I've tried brie, cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, emmenthal(?) cheese

| IMO Mozarella is best when used very freely on a lasagna, on a pizza is nice too.

| Emmental is a nice, nutty cheese.
Gouda too.

| Gruyere is my favorite, especially for pasta.

| Pepper jack

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