1 good thing that happened to u today

| Hello g/u/rls, it was my first time sleeping well last night in weeks. My mental health was at rock bottom and i've been suffering but it's the first time where i can say that i slept pretty good. It's even getting me to believe that things will start to get better on from here.

What's atleast one good thing that happened to you today?

| The weather has been nice all day

| I made my room comfier

| I played more disco elysium

| >>655838 aww how? :D

| >>655840 is it a fun game?? I hope you're enjoying yourself owo

| >>655837 aww that's great!!

| Food's turning out ok.

| I bought peanut butter

| I reconnected with a friend

| I've been listening to the new Juice WRLD track. It's pretty nice, and I'm glad his unreleased stuff is being put out there.

| I'm working on my programming skillz

| I ate yummy gummy :)

| I finally made a substantial progress on my app

| Ate a nice salad

| The weather is nice ^^

| Apart from the wasp that came in while i was in a shower TAT

| >>656266 That count as weather? O.o

I played Deep Rock Galactic with some friends. I had lots of fun~

| I love sex.

| I talked to the girl I like.

| >>656276 nuuuu but apart from the wasp giving me a visit the weather was nice ^^

| I was told my eyes doesn't look tired like they did before and that I appeared more perky in general.

It's nice to know that you're making progress.

| I played a game with a friend

| I planted some food in my community garden plot.

| I helped a friend of mine with joining a nice and friendly Discord server and it was very wholesome :)

| I played some Terraria with my two good friends.

| >>656295 lol this still sounds like the wasp is part of the weather
>todays forecast: scattered clouds and exactly one wasp

today I got to go back to the dojo for my own lesson, instead of to teach. first real exercise I've had in at least a week, so I'm tired but happy.

| met someone new

| had a voice chat with an old friend and we laughed about mecha design and 2000s alternative rock songs

| my leave for tomorrow just got approved

| >>656751
Excuse you, what's so funny about mecha design?

| I've been chilling with some friends and having a generally good time.

| Nothing good or even nice happened today.

| >>656822 im sorry gurl. Virtual hugs

| I was late for class, though it was okay because we were doing literally nothing.

| New noodle bowl recipe tastes like noodle bowl and not pot pie.

| I don't really know? Everything has just been "ok," with no real ups and downs. I guess it's good that I'm still alive?

| i went to the park with my dog :)

| >>657480

I made a delicious meal that turned out better than expected.

| >>657492
(what was it !!?p

| >>657492 what did u COOK

| >>657450 it is. If ure alive u can experience an "up" someday. Love u gurl

| I came home from work after a bad day and had beer and brownies. Also my cat feels extra soft today lol

| >>657640 ahh sounds nice ; u ;

| It's been a sad day, but my relationship with a friend of mine progressed in a way that seems to be healthy for the both of us for now.

| Shaved my face and got my hair trimmed a bit. Not sure how much of a good thing this actually is, but at least I look a bit less like a caveman now.

| >>657594 >>657615
Sorry about the late reply but it was just meatballs with gravy and stewed white cabbage and boiled potatoes. I made the gravy together with the meatballs so they got all infused-like.

| Today I played my first TRPG session (Symbaroum) in like 2 years and it was awesome. Every other player died except for me but I lost all my arrows on the giant undead dude that killed my party. The DM let us know that he got away with 1 freaking hp!

If I would've gotten that last damage in it would've been an entirely different story.

| >>657754 bittersweet, huh? It'll be okay. As long as it's for the best.

| >>657757 it is! Some of my friends are dying to get a haircut but salons and barbershops are closed rn bc of rona-chan

| >>657782 whoah im not familiar with that. Is that like DnD?

| I had sex.

| >>657898
Yeah. Thank you :)

| I've had a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

| >>657900
Yeah, except it's a bit darker in tone and takes place in and around a gigantic forest. There are cities on the outskirts but we never visited any. We're just heading deeper into this old forest for now.

| >>658021
That sounds sick! I'll check it out.

I'll make this my positive thing of the day! Finding out about this game.

| >>658021 ahhh i wanna try that out but i dont have friends to play with :(

| >>658058

That's so wholesome awh c:

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