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My tooth hurts

| And also the throat and sometimes the ear on the same side as the bad tooth. Corona-chan won't let me go to the dentist for at least another month, so I'm pretty much living on a diet of ibuprofen right now. What else can I do to ease the suffering?

| I'm sorry to hear that.

In some countries you can ask for medication online. Maybe look it up if you can do it where you live.

Also putting a bit of fresh onion next to the tooth will help against infection. It won't help the pain but at least it won't get any worse.

You can also self-hypnotize the pain away. I have no idea how this works and it's probably hard to learn but it's possible.

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I'm not sure if serious or...

| You could be like that Cast Away guy OP! Just take a skate to the bad tooth.

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Uhh, thanks, I guess.

Pretty sure that doesn't work with permanent teeth, especially molars. Also, funny thing is, I'm pretty sure that the actual culprit of the pain is a wisdom tooth that's growing in a VERY wrong way.

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Wisdom teeth growing in the wrong way very easily gets infected. Chances are there's already an infection. Onions are desinfectants by nature so it's not a bad idea.

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I'm more partial to garlic myself. The problem with applying anything topical is that even if there is an infection, it's still surrounded by healthy tissue on the outside, so there's no clear infection site. I could try and place some in the general area though, maybe that'll work.

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Any membrane tissue that is inflamated can be infected.
The point of this is to keep the inside of your mouth as hostile to bacteria as possible, so that they don't develop and eventually proliferate inside of you via damaged tissue.
If onion makes an improper terrain of your mouth for bacteria to grow in, the general area is probably be ok.
At least if it hurts, it's not because you're rotting from the inside.
Even tho that fucking sucks...

| Maybe it's not stupid at all, even tho I haven't read any of it and I'm basically guilty of confirmation bias right now.


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