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I miss the sea

| I can't believe I'm saying this, but damn I miss the sea. The sand, the breeze, just seeing water go off to the horizon. Even the polluted sea off the piers of my city, that's fine that's fine too.

I used to take trips to the beach with my fam, but it's been months (a year?) since the last one. I haven't seen the sea in goddamm ages and I can't go there now because of the quarantine.


| I grew up in an urban city so I can't relate to family trips to the beach but I do love going there lol I've been saying how badly I want to see the ocean again myself...just gotta wait till the quarantine ends if I survive it lolol

I know that's one of the first things I'm gonna do when this is all over, plan a quiet trip to the beach!

Hang in there, g/u/rl~☆

| fucking this. i'm so far away from it but i miss the sea soo much.
Ich will zurück nach Westerland!

| Hey, someone else feels the same as me! I haven't seen and smelled the sea in years but I often think and even dream of being there. I miss it so much. If I wasn't so useless I would've moved closer to the sea to work and live.

| I really am missing the sea more than ever. I used to live in south america so beaches were really near me and god. I had to move to Madrid and this sucks. I need like literally need the sea, i need sea breeze and the sand on my feet, the beach just makes me so happy and calm and I really miss it...

| I missed the sea so much I moved as close as I could.

| >>650909 wish that could be mee :'(

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This thread is permanently archived