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Guilt about doing badly in school

| I've been suffering from burnout, and haven't been doing so hot in school for a while. This was happening before COVID-19 hit too, although now I think it's worse. Is this guilt normal to you guys too?

| Yeah, I feel that.

| Take a break op!

| It's normal, and it got too much for me, so I dropped out. Not sure if I recommend it or not yet, but man. Either take it slow, grinding and trying to keep your mental health up, or just straight up take a break. Shit's hard.

| I've been having the same problem, OP. If you do take a break, make sure you're doing something that makes you happy, not just satisfied/distracted. Write something, make something, etc. If you spend your break playing vidya and such, it gets worse, but taking time to be creative and do hobbies always helps.
Work on your motivation. Don't take the easy path.


| If you're feeling guilt from doing badly, you can help yourself.
Are you being objectively a "bad student" ? There are many reasons that could push you to underperform academically.
First being the enjoyment you take out of the subject you are studying.
If you feel held back by something external to your studies, like family, health, or also how you personally currently feel (lost, unsure, unsafe, or maybe happy but wanting more, or different).

| But you have to keep something in mind at all times when you doubt.
There is time for you to think about it.
You can hang in there OP.
And maybe, just maybe... you need a break.
Just like many g/u/rls have said. It's important for yourself to take time and do something that flushes the academic stress out of you. Preferably an activity like sports, cooking, maybe singing...
Monitor your progress critically if you will. It doesn't have to be a long break.

| >>650660 said it,
don't take the easy path.
Do something challenging that requires all your attention, and that is new to you, if you can.

I used to feel guilt from not being able to score good on subjects that I do know I have knowledge and understanding of.
It turns out I can't score well on these tests : despite being good at this, I do things differently. I do not learn typical exercises and copy paste answers on my sheet.

| I discovered that I don't like to learn a specific application case, and spit all the simplifications on my sheet.
My grade will not reflect my ability, and I have to live with that.
My way of doing things was questionably worse than others.
But I can live with it.

Looking back at it, maybe I was just headstrong about it.
But I don't regret it.
The guilt I felt was unnecessary.
It did not help me perform better.
I ditched it, and started climbing as a sport.

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