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Crying sounds of a baby come from my neighbour's (below) home constantly what to do ?

| It happens almost daily for 3-4 hours. it is very very loud. You cannot hear shouting my I think it might be child abuse.

How do I help? Phone management? or nothing at all.

| What....? Umm... babies... cry.... g/u/rl.... its not.... child abuse.... babies cry about everything...........

| Babies cry all the time but it miiiiight be something. If you don't mind being friendly and is okay with babies, maybe you can knock at your neighbor's door and ask if they need any help?

| help parents kill the child

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Woah, if they're having THAT much trouble idk how you can help them.

| You should ask them (nicely) if there's anything you can do to help and that the regular crying is kind of disturbing.

If they're hostile, report them to your landlord. Otherwise, maybe they can pay you for babysitting or something.

| Depending on where you live there might be laws and rules that helps you. Regarding toddlers you're supposed to endure crying and some noise though. How old is the kid?

Talking to the people is a good first step but if you feel uncomfortable talking to them directly or if they're rude you can ask your landlord to do it for you.

If you're worried about them being violent don't engage them directly. Call the police or the landlord.


| drown the baby, it doesn't pay taxes so it's no use for our society

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How infuriating (☉д⊙)

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