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My friend broke up with an E-Girl

| After 2 years of relationship he had noticed how she was lying about pretty much everything (and not admitting to cheating on our Minecraft server) he has finally decided to break up with her.

Does he feel like shit? Nah, he feels awesome. He has surely learned a lession to not fuck with E-Girls.

Thanks for reading my blogpost. Now I will introduce him to Grindr.

| Your funy lol

| I broke with my e girl shortly after she started play roblox without me

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This isn't really a meme thread even though it sounds stupid. He and that girl were serious on virtual E-dating for some reason, with the relationship lasting 2 years being enough to prove that, they have facetimed and all that stuff and she often played with us although she was getting pretty bitter lately.

| https://youtu.be/T8ZqARf48_4

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I was wrong in this thread having a very Reddit feel to it. That OP post was cringy as shit. An actual thread about this would be interesting though, so I'll stop being an asshole.

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