Everything will be okay.

| I hope all of you g/u/rls are doing well!
Friendly reminder to stay hydrated, eat at least something, and to treat yourself to something nice.
We'll overcome Corona-chan! Stay home, and stay safe.

| Thank you. I really appreciate this :)

| As do I.
Thanks, g/u/rl.

| Needed that. Actually really dehydrated. Thank you!

| This made me smile. My faith in humanity refills when I look among these threads.
>Sending virtual hug...
Thank you, g/u/rl! Stay safe and healthy!

| I dont want to overcome Wuhan-chan though

| Sure, coronavirus is just another plague, had plenty of those in humanity's history. That's not gonna be the thing to do us in.
But EVERYTHING will not be okay. Don't give me false hope.

| :)))))

| I hope so too

| (。ŏ_ŏ) is everything really gonna be fine ?

| Yup everything's gonna be alright. Except for any of you who may be in the US.

| don't care

| I love you.

| >>650766
Seriously tho, do we know each other or something ?

| The thing that has jumped out at me is having good support and networking.
Talk to your neighbors you fucking goons. Set up a discord or something. If you rent and can't pay due to no work, it's likely you're not alone in that. If you can help ppl get groceries then do that too.
Masks can help you when you go out but if you can help your local unit they will help you too IMO.
Also regular exercise is good and video chat actually helps motivate you lol

| Does everyone here actually sit at home? What about work? Does your employer keep paying you? Government does? What country are you from?

| >>650959
Getting paid with gov money. Can't work because company activity is 5 percent. They do ask R&D to "work benevolently to advance on small specific subjects", but that's actually not allowed.
Officially working from home would mean I get at least 2 meetings a day, a report a week, and all that shit gets tracked to oblivion in an effort to pressure you into working more than what you'd usually.
If I do get in that situation, I wouldn't complain tho... I'd earn 100% revenue.

| >>650959

Healthcare worker, business side/support staff in the US. I'm still getting paid my regular wage, but its a struggle everyday for us to find enough "work" to do. Our employer tried to hold off on furloughing anyone until just last week, when they asked for volunteers to furlough for up to 13 weeks, at the cost of around 2000 people (5%).

In spite of this, they went ahead with raises for hourly employees and froze all the salaried employeed in management and executives.

| Been at home since mid March.

| https://youtu.be/Eni9PPPPBpg

| Thanks for trying to cheer us up! Best of luck to all you g/u/rls!!!

| I never knew a cyberpunk shitpost board could be this wholesome. Thank you, g/u/rls! Stay safe!

| 10q dude

| This is nice :D

| Everyone will find their inner peace with ekawa.
It will be fine.

| Nice to see some positive shit being put out there.

Remember, as long as you're not dead at the end of this it'll all be okay. The world will keep on turning, and things will go back to being "normal" and "functional" again.

As long as you're still breathing there's always hope for a better tomorrow.

| >>654899
For real. Not enough people think like this.

| >>654899 >>654918
Thanks. I needed to hear that.

| Ya know...This puts a smile on my face c:

| (´・ω・`) u g/u/rls rock

| >>655435
so you're the one who stole my pet rock!

| It will be fine( ´_っ`)

| I'm bored here lets chat

| Hi, what are you bored of ?

| >>657701

| Interesting, any specific part of it ?

| Hello buds! Love yall

| 请各位好好活下去。

| There's rioting going on in my city.(*´□`)

| >>664208
Damn, that's rough. Stay safe, g/u/rl.

| >>664208 same and now they are issuing curfews around the county. My question is how does that work if I work in the area and I'm driving to my job or back home? But yeah stay safe everyone!

| thank u(´•ω•`๑)<3 wish u safe,too!

| Yup i needed this

| ty :(

| Things are going to get better g/u/rls! There's been a lot of bad stuff, and there still is, but we'll make it out of it together!

| >>668873
Yeah, but there still is going to be plenty of bad stuff in the future. Maybe even worse than what we have now. And it's kind of scary.

| >>668883
There will always be bad g/u/rl, but there will always be good along with it.

| ty

| Thanks for this thread. Just came back to work in retail and I'm scared as hell something will happen. Trying to stay vigilant and safe as I hope you all are too! Everything will work out one way or another I'm sure. Thanks g/u/rls

| Keep on keeping on

| s1mp

| I been having a hard time mentally since I can't work and have kept myself cooped up, but I appreciate the support. Always feel better from talking.

| >>670846
Same here, except I don't talk about it.

| >>484701
Let's talk about it. What's doing you hard the most? For me it's the stress of being around family without an outlet to someone.

| >>671006
My family makes me hard too, but you should probably use one of the venting threads for this. Because, well, everything will be okay! That's words to live by.

| >>671010 Family isn't supposed to make you hard...

| >>671231
Sweet home Alabama...

| >>671010
Vent or not, I just find it fun to hear another perspective on the same situation about.

| >>648017
Thank you! Same applies to you as well~

I've started a new hobby lately, it may be a bit dangerous but it helps me to cope with everything.

| :3

I kinda needed that ty

| Thanks!

| <3

| I havent left my house since March
Government here is as incompetent as ever

So far, i'm still not in the red. Hope you g/u/rls doing fine, too

| >>679894 are you in Russia?

| >>679940 nah man, the shithole of SEA : Philippines.

Get this, government just passed a similar bill to the HK security bill, and it was deemed urgent during all this.

Corona-chan's taken a backseat, and that shit aint cool.

That's why I'm hoping yall be doing good during all this. The world's taking hits here and there, turned to hell. But when y'all reach hell, keep walking and you'll walk right out.

Stay strong my g/u/rls ????

| oof that ??? was a the bicep emoji i forgot emojis aint a thing here

| >>db7393
What is g/u/rl meaning?

| >>683086 there's a tradition on imageboards of calling people by a word with the board name added (/u/). Since there are no boys on the internet,g/u/rls are people who go on dangeru

| >>650959 I'm a the only student here?!?!>>650977 >>651049

| still alive

| Thanks

| Oh.

| I miss all my friends, I hope this passes soon.

| I miss all my friends too, and it probably won't pass soon, but it will eventually, so we just gotta hang in here until then.

| Am i ebil for wanting things to go as it is at first, cuz i been antisocial for so long and this covid doesnt change me situation much

I kno lots of ppl goin thru hardship tho losing job and stuf, hope yall hangin in there, it will pass

| >>689127
Very ambiguous words indeed.

| I'm a trans-nigga.

| Thanks

| Have a good day/night everyone!

| kysop

| >>690959
Just kidding, stay safe, cover your mouth and remember to hydrate.

| Everything really is going to be alright. It's really hard and rough and depressing and painful, but we're gonna get through it and we're going to feel better eventually!

| >>683476
Me too. The most funny thing, that after 2 years of studying I can be expelled from the university. Relationship with parents going even badder. But despite this, I remain abnormally calm and indifferent, as if I do not live at all.
I don't what should I do g/u/rls.

| Stay home, and stay safe.
...and wash your penis.

| If only everything would turn out okay

| I heard this will all be over by April </slowpoke>

| I heard that someone had the vaccine ready in September, but human testing has not been approved so I guess we have a shortage of red dye for the tape or something

| I drunk alone, no one talks to me.

| Glory to Arsto... Not here...

| It does get real hard to belive sometimes but heres hoping (might have spelled that wrong) it all goes well in the end

| 핖곤핲닾싶발

| I like this board :)

| https://youtu.be/tYzMYcUty6s
We got this y'all.

| This really makes me feel better inside. Thank you so much.

| >>702787
*Big hug*

| I hope so;)

| Entei entered in the chat

| §ooo....
It's been more or less half a year of lockdown for everyone now. How is Corona-chan doing in your part of the world?

| >>704225 in my country people are acting as if it was over even with a 140000+ death count. Okay the mass immunity Will happen sometime, but it's Sad to see that almost everyone is not much smarter than a coconut

| >>704225
My country as a whole is having an upswing especially in the capital but in my corner we haven't had a single infection since May.

I'm still too scared of going back to the gym or dining out and I never see my oldest friends anymore.

| 我们会挺过去的。

| I've been extremely paranoid ever since my mother caught it. I really hope this passes soon.

| >>704225
In my country the number of discovered cases every day has almost doubled over the past month, from 2-3k to ~5k. Thankfully, in my particular region of the country it's not that bad (40-100 new cases every day), but I'm still very paranoid. People are incredibly ignorant, almost no one wears masks, even in shops and public transport.
At least I can work remotely and get paid the same amount as usual, so that's a plus.

| Everything won't be okay.

| I hope everything will be okay :(

| >>705622
It will! It just takes time. How much time is hard to say, but if you stick it out you'll get to see things become okay again.

| It's getting worse over here in Germany as well. Around 7000 to 7500 new cases per day may seem not like much, buts thats more than quadruple than two weeks ago.

I really hope we don't get another lockdown, that first one was already annoying enough.

| The amount of trannies on this board is disgusting.

| >>704953
How is she doing? Did it hit hard?

| It'll be better. It'll be worse. Either way, it'll be alright.

| cringe
So much crige itt

| One way or the other we will get through this.

| It always can be worse, and try to just adapt, if someone can easly overcomes it, everyone can.

| Corona-chan is gaining in power. Too many people have given her their life energy. 2021 is going to be fun...

| >>710250
we're all doomed, calling it now

| 2021 will be fine, maybe a bit worse than 2020, but humanity will survive as always

| 2021 could be worse, but it could also be way better. I read that my country might be getting a first rollout of vaccines before the end of the year, so I have hope! Even if it does end up being worse, we'll get through it. Things will be okay eventually. But don't lose hope so quickly! We still have plenty of time to make next year much better!

| Wish all of you stay health!
As for me,we had controled the COVID-19,everything has back to normal way.But I still missing that doctor,he warning the people when the government Wanna hide the truth of spreading of virus.He is died as a result of getting infected of COVID-19 in this January.HE IS A TRUE HERO, PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER HIM.

| Hey g/u/rls.

This semi-lockdown is starting to really get to me. I'm in louisiana, and the only entertainment that's open is the casinos. I miss going to the bar every couple weeks to see a blues concert. I miss the empty flirting with the bartenders. I miss the old couple who own the bar and are always sitting at one end of the place relaxing.

I live alone and have always liked it, but this lack of relaxed socialising is starting to get to me.

| >>711585 Same. It's kinda funny how before it was so hard to socialize, I was fine not doing it often, but now that I can't it's hard to not have it. I suppose I socialized more than I thought I did before...

| >>711742
Yeah. You most likely did. Everyone does, but it's hard to realise it until a situation occurs where you don't get to do it anymore. It's gonna be nice when all this is over and we get to move and socialize however we want. I miss it.

| yeah fr. I've managed to keep busy but I'm ready to head back outside. not much to do in my small town, but at least it's something

| I believe in all of you. Stay safe and keep striving to be your best selves every day ^^ All will be ok soon \(^o^)/

| Hope you all stay happy and keep in touch with your relationships

| tbh i dont know if i'm better or worse off when i barely know anyone don't really socialise a lot with people.

| most of the time it ends up with le talking to randoms on the internet like here or on discord.

| me* not le, fmk

| fml

| >>651050
Same here. I need to get surgery for a medical condition in another country but I’ve been stuck at home because of all the travel restrictions. Judging from the second wave and the fact that even if vaccines get approved in April, mass inoculation will not be achieved until much later, I will have to wait many more months. Everyday is painful. Seeing this thread made me feel better though. Hang in there, everyone. Sending good vibes.

| >>654899
Thanks, I needed to hear that. I feel so powerless being unable to carry out many of my plans, but I’m still breathing. That much I can manage.

| >>710913
I wish more Chinese felt the way you do. As far as I know, many have either wiped their memories clean of Dr. Li and the initial chaos - or worse - remember him as a rogue actor who spread rumor and hurt China’s reputation. Would you say that is the case?

| Anybody from Washington state usa worried about another shutdown?

| We can all get through this. One way or the other.

| >>715235 looks like you're looking at one because of a second wave

| For my comrades. Всё будет заебись! Не ссыте, мы прорвёмся! Мы русские, с нами бог! И, русские куда? Русские вперёд! Наде/ю/сь эти слова вас поддержат, товарищи.

| Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!

| Mwah -.°

| Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!
Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!
Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!Русские вперёд!

| Thank you russian-speaking g/u/rl, very cool

| >>718289 Who exactly?

| I'm actually holding on. If it weren't for STALKER 2, Half-Life 3, and Bannerlord, TES 6, I would've killed myself a long time ago.

I'm not afraid of death anymore anons, I'm just concerned for my family when I leave.

| >>719112
If you genuinely care about them you wouldn't plan on doing it, would you? But if you're still waiting on Half-Life 3 then I guess there's no reason to be concerned.

Just hang in there homie, but not from a noose.

| >>719127
Half-Life 3 is coming sooner than you think. I'm concerned they'd spend money on my funeral even if I did left a note saying I don't want to. I change my mind from time to time but I can't help but glance at my gun cabinet every now and then.

Anyways, don't believe on what I say. For all we know, I might be some schizophrenic,obese, furry garnering sympathy. It's not that bad

| >>719134
Schizophrenia has nothing to do with that shit, so considering your use of that it's obvious you aren't. Obese doesn't matter, furry has nothing to do with it. Then there's the fact that none of those labels/conditions make you a bad person. On top of garnering sympathy/seeking attention, sometimes that's what someone needs, you know? So even if all of that was the case, that wouldn't make me care less.

You're definitely insane though, because HL3 ain't coming homie.

| >>719145

| One more for my comrades. Товарищи, хоть сейчас тяжёлые времена, это не значит что всё кончено! Вакцины дела/ю/тся, оппозиция слабеет, л/ю/ди начина/ю/т привыкать к режиму самоизоляции и требовани/ю/ носить маски! Помните, вы не должны сдаваться! РУССКИЕ НЕ СДАЮТСЯ! МЫ РУССКИЕ, С НАМИ БОГ! И САМОЕ ГЛАВНОЕ, РУССКИЕ КУДА? РУССКИЕ ВПЕРЁД!!!

| >>719145 Holy shit, you just killed that man.

| >>719749
I hope not. That's the opposite of what I wanted. I was just trying to lighten things up a bit.

| >>719788 yeah maybe we have different mindsets, I kinda thought you were just.. well, idk now.

It's hard to detect a "tone" in text and my mindset is a tad more serious sometimes to understand light hearted fooling around..?

| >>719797
Ay, it's all good homie.
I mean, I won't deny that I was talking shit, cause I was. But it wasn't ill intentioned. I was just putting him in his place for using mental conditions so ignorantly while at the same time trying to show that I care and adding a bit of a joke at the end to lighten it up.

I might have failed, some might not find that light-hearted either way, but that's just how I show care.

| >>719800 Yeah I mostly interpretated it as serious, like there's a time and a place for a joke, but to me it doesn't matter what it is but if others are using others' conditions for attention then I just handle them like the attention seeking morons they are.

As for Number Three, I'm not that bothered about it, there's always something that I can easily dirvert my attention and interest to, like airplane models, or video games instead of done to death ""jokes"".

| Like I can take a well constructed joke even if it's on the darker side but come on, this is just absurd.

| >>719819 >>719820
I, am very confused. You lost me halfway through that first reply. Why are we talking about airplane models? Are you suddenly talking shit or am I tripping?

Also, we probably shouldn't take this here. This is a motivational thread after all! It's my fault for derailing, so, if you wanna continue you can make a /u/ thread with "GM" in the title and I'll notice it and continue.

But, yeah! Everything's going to be okay. I know it will. One day. Sorry for derailing.

| >>719823 I meant about Half Life 3 which is just a meme that's been milked to death at this point.

Not that it paid it any specific attention in the first place, but my attention has been directed towards other things and activities, mostly just what I mentioned before.

Sorry if I confused you.

| I think I might make a thread otherwise.

| Another one for every one this time (use google). Товарищи, мы не должны сдаваться! В этом году мы переживаем не лёгкие времена, но мы пока что идём нормально, даже хорошо! Хоть нашему всемирному обществу становиться плохо, люди держатся и не сдаются! Мы переживём этот пиздец и восстановим порядок в нашем мире! Люди, не сдавайтесь! Нашему механизму нужны шестерёнки! Без вас - система падёт! Без системы - падём мы! Так что не сдавайтесь!

| Hey so I'm from a future. You guys are not going to like the middle of 2021 and most of 2022. Basically Antartica is about to shatter and sea levels are going to rise quite a bit. New orleans? New York? Submerged.
Covid is also the least of your worries. There are a lot worse things about to emerge... Plants can get viruses too!
At least Cyberpunk 2077 is out, and a new VR game console comes out and has PC mode.

| Wholesome thread is wholesome, thank you OP. Hope you are doing well

| Конечно важно низабывать ужасы несовершэнных систем.

| I don't feel like it will but this gave me some hope.

| I'm fine, thank to ask, also hope 2021 will be a better year than this one ( please ), the president of my country isn't a good president, he already said he's against the vacine, but yeah... Next year will be a better year.

| Even if 2021 isn't a better year, we still have free unlimited wifi until june from comcast's xfinitywifi hotspots

| Next year will probably be worse, but at least we have N1RV Ann-A to look forward to

| >>725744 true

| Thank you for this post. It was really wholesome. Wish the same to every g/u/rl. 2021 will be a good year.

| And here some thanks to our sponsor Raid Shadow Legends

| >>726890 But before that, let's talk about privacy with Nord VPN

| Meow meow

| well this was a nice read. stay safe everyone

| I don't know about you g/u/rls, but it is really fun to just sit back and enjoy the show. More chaos, more popcorn :^)

| It's 2021.
I'm getting kicked outta home bc they gotta demolish the place
And im still unemployed bc of how my country handles Corono-chan.

Stay safe everyone, look out for eachother. there's so much shit going on, and I hope that people in my kinda situation will do well somehow

| No

| No

| Yes

| >>1027c8
man i'm really excited about N1RV Ann-A can't wait to play it. I really enjoyed VA-11-Hall-A so this new game will be really cool.

| Hey, so i just found this place after an exodus from lainchan, then to systemspace, then arisuchan. Is this a safe space for me?

| >>731202 nah

| please?

| >>731230
If you behave and aren't mean, then of course you're welcome!

| >>719281

Путин спаси и сохрани.

| >>731324
I'm afraid to pick Corpo dialogue options, so we're good on that front

| This too, shall pass

| Thanks you

| man. my country isn't as shut down as it should be imo, but it'll pass soon i hope

| >>733299 if you think this is bad, wait until you see the fungus later this year lol

| >>734282
>A faint clicking sound resonates through the night

| >>734282
Fungus FTW

| I am financially ruined

| Anyone who is financially ruined, you need to apply for government assistance. Living as if you're poor is the only way to make things work out.

| >>731350 Плюсую адекватна.

| >>734919

Eat the fungus

Be the dreamer

| >>732833
You make me sad when I'm happy and happy when I'm sad!

| >>648017

| >>744280 Don't worry, the fungus will ascend 12% of the human population into the network. You only have to wait a few months.

| nigger

| HELP ME! HELP ME, >>746987 !

| hi :D

| Yo pref can you please dox 40f9df so I can launch a missile at him?

| >>747463 stfu niga

| lmao

| >>e3b697 you changed your IP, but I found you. Prefetcher gave me your location. I sent some anthrax :D

| For some reason, these threads make me depressed because it makes me realize the dire situation I'm actually in - behind on bills, lost touch with everyone outside my family I know, not doing great in school. Normally I just optimist my way out of remembering all that at once.

| xD

| hope you are all doing well

| Well I got laid off, so I'm collecting unemployment until I save enough to go to college this fall. Currently living with in-laws with absolutely nonsensical house rules. But hey, at least I can smoke weed legally now.

| You know, Quarantine has made me realize how much of a horrible person my dad is. And with how stubborn he is, he won't be changing anytime soon. I sometimes feel like he's bordering on abuse? I just fe cornered all the time here, I want to do nothing but go see my friend again.

| >>755349
Honestly, exact same situation. I started realising it before quarantine though, but still. Just all stuck in his ways, doesn't care to change the stuff he does and says that hurts others. It sucks, but, just gotta push through.

| I am a lesbian japanese girl that wants to have bloody sex with a yandere and then die

| It's going down, I don't feel safe anymore here. My dad constantly argues all day and it's starting to affect my mental energy. Every single night I hear him break something or hit the walls, not a single moment of peace anymore. The internet is the only time I can feel safe or happy when I talk with my discord buddies. God I sometimes wonder how people like my dad are even allowed to become parents.


| >>756068 LMAOOOO

| >>756565 So many people should never be parents. There should be some kind of test or something and different measurements to be allowed imo. But I'm super sorry to hear that ;_;

| >>756565 (._.) rip. hope it gets better. i bet he has something on his mind or some condition, because it's not normal. otherwise he should not be a parent, and is terrible for the health of your kids. gl. :)

| >>758102 I'm make you a parent.

| when you really think about it, nothing will be ok

| >>758631
Nothing lasts forever, which seems pretty OK to me.

Anyway, take care of yourselves everyone!

| Estoy cansado de la cuarentena, estoy cansado del encierro, creía que sería como días normales ya que yo no soy alguien que sea de salir mucho. Pero después de darme cuenta de que la universidad en línea, el dormir, y el comer lo hago todo en la misma habitación, me siento atrapado y cansado, cada día que pasa mis complejos se aumentan y me odio más, solo quiero desaparecer. Y me desahogo acá porque al menos es de forma anónima. Mucha suerte a todos y cuídense, pidan ayuda<3

| >>758678 Ah yes, I def understand what you just said.

| >>745168 I am a9b706. Told you so ;)

| Конечно всё будет хорошо! Ведь раньше было хуже, а сейчас всё не так плохо. Слава Совёнку, Монолиту, Артоцке, НТ, Солнцу, Царю, Батьке, и конечно ЮВАО!

| >>c75803 estamos en la misma, fuerza que ya se va a salir de este pozo

| Just thought I'd share, Feeling extreme anxiety over a possibly strained friendship. I need to look after myself, after all, I suppose.

| I'm scared, my dad is going to see my grades tomorrow and he's going to get mad at me, and most likely break my things and scream at me.

| My brother this Sunday admitted to me that has been depressed for 4 months and almost commuted suicide. God I feel terrible as if I have not been there for his life and had abandoned him in an effort to just escape my own life though distraction and imagination. To which I have never lived instead of running from myself and my problems. I just wish to help him so he may never suffer as I have. To be an inspiration for him as he had has always looked up to me and I let him down.

| I managed to get $400 back I lost from my PayPal getting hacked. It's been a rough week with intense long hours.

| May the gods have mercy on us all.

| Вера в /Ю/ВАО нас спасёт.

| >>758678 mucha suerte, ojalá mejore todo para ti! <3

| Yall made me feel a lil better so thanks. Much love to u all <3

| Remember to relax a little bit when you need it g/u/rls!

| >>765539 how

| Today I am very poor and miserable and a part of me wants to fall asleep and never wake up again.

| >>c75803 i used to hate spanish

Nowadays when i read or listen i think it is too beautiful, opinions change i guess

| >>766207 Oh and how is your spanish speaking level? Southamerican Spanish is my mother language!
Siempre me gusta ver que hay personas que estudian español.

| >>484701 but that's the fun part! You go to sleep and repeat the process of wanting to forever sleep until you get better!

Thank you rem sleep!

| I hope everything is okay.

| >>766695 nothing is okay.

| >>766709 something something is okay

| Some things are okay and some aren't; the good thing about some things not beeing okay is that they might be one day, hopefully soon.

We're all going to make it g/u/rls. Be safe.

| >>767122

the good thing about some things not beeing okay is that they might be on deez nuts

| The last comment in this chain better be "We're all going to die!"

| All of my life is currently going to shit. It won't ever be at the same level of okay anymore.

| >>767589
Thats how universe works, entropy. Also we're getting older. Don't expect much and enjoy all the little things.

| Eh not everything, I've already accepted I'll be alone for life
At least I got a good job and a career ahead of me I giess

| >>767467
okay i'll do it

| We're all going to die!

| 祝你有一个愉快的一天
Have a nice day

| Have a nice life

| Damn, they have some great songs.

| So this is the last message, huh.

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